Setting & Features

Setting & Features
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Using Your Device Buttons

DEVICE: mySentry

Your mySentry Remote Glucose Monitor has 7 buttons. Each button has a special function. Some buttons perform more than one function. The additional functions these buttons perform depend on which screen or menu you are using.

Button Uses

  • Accesses the Main Menu
  • Cycles through the glucose screens
  • Updates the display with another view of data

  • Cancels the current operation
  • Cycles backwards through the sensor graph
  • Displays the previous screen in a sequence

  • Switches the nightlight on and off

  • Silences alarms
  • Silences the audio so that alarms display only onscreen, such as when the pump that is being monitored has gone out of range
  • Clears alarms on the mySentry monitor

  • Selects the previous menu option
  • Increases the glucose graph display range

  • Selects the highlighted option
  • Moves forward in time on the graph screen

  • Selects the next menu option
  • Decreases the glucose graph display range

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