Financial support programs

Programs to help make access to diabetes therapy more affordable for everyone. Terms and conditions apply.

Medtronic is here to support you throughout your diabetes journey, and keeping you on your therapy is our top priority. We know that life with diabetes takes unexpected twists and turns. Insurance, cost, and access are never simple. We created a group of financial support programs for eligible U.S. customers for just those times.

Medtronic programs

heart in hand Payment relief

Payment relief

If you lose your job and health insurance, you may receive up to 3 months of supplies at no cost. Terms and conditions apply.

clock Payment deferral

Payment deferral

Defer payments for up to 3 months if you or a family member are laid off or furloughed from a job. Terms and conditions apply.

handshake financial assistance

Financial assistance

Aid is available to those who are significantly impacted with overall healthcare costs. Terms and conditions apply.

CGM programs

CGM access discount

CGM access discount

Eligible customers can get reduced out-of-pocket costs for Medtronic CGM supplies.

Insulin pump programs

hourglass Flex payment plan

Flex payment plan

Make monthly payments and enjoy the latest technology from Medtronic. Terms and conditions apply.

insulin pump Device upgrade

Device upgrade

Get access to our newest diabetes technologies at an affordable price whether you’re in or out of warranty. Terms and conditions apply.

Switch2System program

Switch2System program

If you currently use an in-warranty insulin pump from another manufacturer, you may be eligible to trade in your current device for the MiniMed™ 780G system.

Insulin pen programs

InPen access program

InPenTM access program

Eligible customers can pay as little as $35 per year for each reusable smart insulin pen. Terms and conditions apply.

Medtronic support resources

Did you know Medtronic offers around-the-clock support to help you be successful? Check out all the support resources available to you.

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