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Top 9 Funniest Moments With Diabetes

Top 9 Funniest Moments With Diabetes | The LOOP Blog

I know diabetes is hard, but if you take a step back, you can often find some funny stories hidden underneath all of the highs and lows. Whether you’re eating salsa in the middle of a grocery store isle during a low blood sugar or being accused of having your electronics on during a lesson …diabetes can put us in some pretty amusing situations. We asked some of our friends in the community to share their funniest diabetes moments, and we gathered up a few of our favorites that gave us a good chuckle.

“Years ago, I went terribly low while grocery shopping alone. A clerk came up to me while I was drinking OJ from the carton, and eating opened salsa in the salsa isle. I have no idea why I chose to eat salsa from a jar, but the OJ did the trick. The clerk was dumbfounded when I told him I was simply very hungry, and would pay for it at the register.” – Dennis Stephens

“My 6 year old daughter had a friend over whose parents I did not know well. At the end of the play date, her friend’s dad stopped by to pick up his daughter. As I was trying to create a good impression with the girl’s father, my daughter interrupted: “Did you know my mom has diarrhea?”- she asked him. Turns out she meant to say ‘diabetes’ but forgot the right word. I was really embarrassed and made sure to explain to our guest which condition I had, over and over again, just to be sure.” – Irina Huynh

“There were no pumps or testing sugar with a blood glucose meter. You peed on tape and compared the color it turned to on a chart. Anyway, my mother was always smelling my breath to make sure it didn’t smell “fruity” indicating my sugar was too high. People would be horrified when they heard her say “are you high? Let me smell your breath!” I didn’t get why people would stop and stare.” – Jill Bryant Weaver

“When people ask if my pump is a pager, I tell them no it’s my pancreas and I keep it in my pocket.” – Mark Krukar

“Had a low BG in high school to the point where I couldn’t walk. I sat down on the ground and I gave a dollar to my friend to get me a pop from the vending machine. He came back with a pop but knowing I was a diabetic brought me a diet lol… Laugh about it till this day.” – Eric Farias

“I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when newly divorced with two kids ages 8 & 11. Whenever we’d go out to eat, I’d order my food & then go to the restroom to inject insulin (because I wasn’t comfortable doing that at the table using a syringe & vial). The first time I did that when my kids were with me the waitress came back to our table after I left & she asked where I was. They told her I went to the bathroom to shoot myself. Needless to say, the waitress almost fainted.” – Barb Timmons Claus

“Taking golf lessons and the instructor asked if I was too important to leave my pager in the car!” – Kristie Wright Franklin

“This happens often but while wearing a dress with my insulin pump, the pump slips from my bra and hangs between my legs!! Mind you I am a Kindergarten teacher so all the students laugh and say, “Look at your medicine!” – Cathy Stanley Stewart

“My daughter was testing her blood sugar at school and a boy INSISTED she could use google to get her blood sugar information, even though she’s explained it to him. Lol. She’s 13.” – Shandra Flynn

Tell us, what are some of your funniest diabetes moments you’d like to share?


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