Posted by LOOP Blog Editorial on January 3, 2024

Insulin injections vs. automated insulin delivery system

People living with diabetes can choose several treatment options. For those who are insulin-dependent, you may be considering either multiple daily injections (MDI) or an automated insulin delivery (AID) system. MDI therapy is a common treatment regimen for diabetes, typically consisting of three or more injections of insulin per day. AID systems deliver insulin through an insulin pump based on glucose levels received from a connected continuous glucose monitor (CGM). 

Posted by LOOP Blog Editorial on November 1, 2023

The biggest month for diabetes awareness activities is November, and it’s the perfect time to raise your voice to increase awareness about diabetes! You might ask: Why? How does more awareness meaningfully impact the lives of people with diabetes? The question is a good one, but the answer is simple. Awareness is the first step to any kind of change. More funding for research, better public support for legislation issues. More understanding and empathy. Less blame and shame. 

Posted by Anna Bjorlin on October 18, 2023

The fall season is finally upon us, and with it comes a certain kid-favorite holiday: Halloween. There are some steps you can take to enjoy spooky-sweet festivities when your child has diabetes. With a little planning and preparation, you can help manage blood sugar levels successfully. After all, Halloween is a time meant to be filled with scares — but diabetes shouldn’t be one of them! 

Check out these tips for enjoying a sweet and safe holiday this year.