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As we reflect on our past year together, I want to express my personal thanks to this community for inspiring us every day and being the “why” behind everything we do at Medtronic Diabetes. As 2023 comes to a close, we want to celebrate our incredible Medtronic Champion community and reflect on some highlights from the year. 


Medtronic Champions connect our global diabetes community 

We kicked off this year with the official launch of the Medtronic Champions community. It has been so inspiring to watch this global network of support continue to grow. We now have more than 460 engaged Champions who are creating powerful connections around the world and coming together to redefine the limits of diabetes. Hear directly from some of our Champions and sign up to be a part of this empowering community.

MedtronicChampion Kris sitting outside

"I am a Medtronic Champion because I want to ensure the next generation of type 1 diabetics never experiences the struggle I endured as a newly diagnosed patient."

Kris, Medtronic Champion


Inspiring stories from our “Get it Back” campaign

We’re deeply inspired by the impact our MiniMed™ 780G system has had on your lives. We’re so grateful to those who have shared your inspiring stories for our #GetitBack campaign – enjoying meals without worrying about whether you got your carb count right, enjoying pizza again, or getting back the freedom and confidence that you deserve to feel every day. Here's to more moments of triumph and more adventures that we can celebrate together!

"When I moved over to the MiniMed™ 780G system, I found it was a lot more convenient for my lifestyle. I didn’t have to be as precise with when I ate or be perfect with carb counting."

Mike, Medtronic Champion


Mike, MedtronicChampion with son


A personal connection to diabetes inspires our employees 

For many of our teams at Medtronic Diabetes, work is deeply personal. In fact, more than 72 percent of our team members surveyed have a personal connection to diabetes. This isn't just a statistic – it's the beating heart behind why we do what we do. These personal connections forge empathy and understanding for those who navigate the daily challenges of living with diabetes. They get it. That’s why your stories, your triumphs, and even your struggles resonate so deeply within our team. Below, hear from some employees about their personal connections to diabetes and why they are so deeply dedicated to the work we do every day.

Medtronic Champion connection

In the new year, I’m looking forward to hearing more of your stories, so please keep them coming. Thank you for trusting us as a partner on your diabetes journey and for inspiring us to do better for you each and every day.




Important safety information: MiniMed™ 780G system with SmartGuard™ technology with Guardian™ 4 Sensor
The MiniMed™ 780G system is intended for continuous delivery of basal insulin at selectable rates, and the administration of insulin boluses at selectable amounts for the management of type 1 diabetes mellitus in persons seven years of age and older requiring insulin as well as for the continuous monitoring and trending of glucose levels in the fluid under the skin. The MiniMed™ 780G System includes SmartGuard™ technology, which can be programmed to automatically adjust insulin delivery based on the continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensor glucose values and can suspend delivery of insulin when the SG value falls below or is predicted to fall below predefined threshold values. 
The Medtronic MiniMed™ 780G System consists of the following devices: MiniMed™ 780G Insulin Pump, the Guardian™ 4 Transmitter, the Guardian™ 4 Sensor, One-press serter, the Accu-Chek™ Guide Link blood glucose meter, and the Accu-Chek™ Guide Test Strips. The system requires a prescription from a healthcare professional.
The Guardian™ 4 Sensor is intended for use with the MiniMed™ 780G system and the Guardian 4 transmitter to monitor glucose levels for the management of diabetes. The sensor is intended for single use and requires a prescription. The Guardian™ (4) sensor is indicated for up to seven days of continuous use. 
The Guardian™ 4 sensor is not intended to be used directly to make therapy adjustments while the MiniMed™ 780G is operating in manual mode. All therapy adjustments in manual mode should be based on measurements obtained using a blood glucose meter and not on values provided by the Guardian™ 4 sensor. The Guardian™ 4 sensor has been studied and is approved for use in patients ages 7 years and older and in the arm insertion site only. Do not use the Guardian™ 4 sensor in the abdomen or other body sites including the buttocks, due to unknown or different performance that could result in hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.
WARNING: Do not use the SmartGuard feature for people who require less than 8 units or more than 250 units of total daily insulin per day. A total daily dose of at least 8 units, but no more than 250 units, is required to operate in the SmartGuard feature.

WARNING: Do not use the MiniMedTM 780G system until appropriate training has been received from a healthcare professional. Training is essential to ensure the safe use of the MiniMedTM 780G system
WARNING: Do not use SG values to make treatment decisions, including delivering a bolus, while the pump is in Manual Mode. When the SmartGuard feature is active and you are no longer in Manual Mode, the pump uses an SG value, when available, to calculate a bolus amount. However, if your symptoms do not match the SG value, use a BG meter to confirm the SG value. Failure to confirm glucose levels when your symptoms do not match the SG value can result in the infusion of too much or too little insulin, which may cause hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. 
Pump therapy is not recommended for people whose vision or hearing does not allow for the recognition of pump signals, alerts, or alarms. The safety of the MiniMed 780G system has not been studied in pregnant women, persons with type 2 diabetes, or in persons using other anti-hyperglycemic therapies that do not include insulin. For complete details of the system, including product and important safety information such as indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions associated with system and its components, please consult https://www.medtronicdiabetes.com/important-safety-information#minimed-780g and the appropriate user guide at https://www.medtronicdiabetes.com/download-library.

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Submitted by Vivienne Routch (not verified) on

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I love the new 780G pump and I love being in range 90% or more of the time.
My only complaint is the placement of the Guardian Sensor 4 in the upper arm only. This can be difficult for a person who lives alone and does not have someone to help with the placement. Also, there are senior citizens that do not have the flexibility to stretch and place the sensor, the transmitter and the tapes on their own. This takes away a seniors independence. If the sensor could be placed in the abdomen it would make life easier.

Thanks for sharing, Vivienne! We'll get this feedback over to our team.

Submitted by Jenny (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

I am not diabetic I have Addisons disease. I use the pump for my life saving medication called Solu cortef. Having the pump is a game changer for me. Thank you for that I only wish more people knew about this disease and that taking steroids for us is vital to us living without it we would die. So thank you for this technology.

Submitted by Laura White (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

Upgrading to The Medtronic MiniMed™ 780G has been so seamless. The results are more balanced sugar levels and much less worry. The first pump made a huge difference in my A1C numbers. I am hoping this step does the same.

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