John Mastrototaro Talks About The Road To The Artificial Pancreas On TuDiabetes

John Mastrototaro Talks About The Road To The Artificial Pancreas On TuDiabetes | The LOOP Blog

As some of you may know, we’ve teamed up with the Diabetes Hands Foundation for a series of Live Interviews with Medtronic leaders, broadcast over at TuDiabetes. If you missed the first two, be sure to check out the archives of Dr. Francine Kaufman and Lane Desborough.

For the third event in the series, we’re thrilled to have Dr. John Mastrototaro discussing a very popular topic – the road to the artificial pancreas. John has dedicated his career to improving the lives of people with diabetes. Over the last 18 years here at Medtronic he’s made significant accomplishments such as leading the team of people who created the world’s first continuous glucose monitoring technology, brought to market back in 1999 as the MiniMed CGMS system.

Today, as Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Research, Technology and Business Development, he’s driving the research and development at Medtronic Diabetes toward a fully automated artificial pancreas system.

He has a lot to share so we hope you’ll tune in on March 8 at 4pm EST/1pm PST – and be sure to submit all your questions in advance!

In addition, we’re offering viewers of the live interview the opportunity to receive a free copy of the new book Sugar Free Journey, penned by another wonderful member of the Medtronic team, Naomi Kingery (while supplies last/limit one book per U.S. household).

  • To view the event, click here.
  • To pose a question for Dr. Mastrototaro in advance, click here.
  • To sign up for a free copy of Naomi Kingery’s most recent book, Sugar Free Journey click here.

We hope you enjoy the event and can’t wait to hear what you think!

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