Que introduces our #MedtronicChampion community

Our Medtronic Champion community

Welcome to our #MedtronicChampion community

As I’ve gotten to know many of you, it’s become clear that there’s incredible strength and resilience throughout this dynamic community. Diabetes takes no breaks, but each day you wake up and refuse to let it define you. You redefine what it means to live with diabetes and with great generosity, take the time to share what you’ve learned along the way, in the hopes of easing that journey for someone else. 

Having diabetes can be tough and lonely at times. It can be hard to explain, even to those closest to you. But when you meet someone else with diabetes, it’s like you’ve met your tribe—your people, if you will. And it comes with a sense of belonging — of being seen and understood — and wanting to help in return. That’s part of what makes the diabetes community so special.  


Introducing the #MedtronicChampion community

There’s so much to be gained from staying connected. That’s why we’re inviting you to join the #MedtronicChampion global community, which helps connect you to others living with diabetes all over the world. A name that celebrates the strength it takes to not only live with diabetes but thrive with it

Being a Champion isn’t just about winning gold medals or crossing the finish line first — it’s about the little wins, and it can mean different things for different people. For some, it’s getting through those frustrating days when you’re juggling a demanding work schedule while managing blood sugars that just don’t seem to be responding in the same way. Some days are harder than others but despite the lows, you carry on. Not everyone may recognize how tough those days were, but this community does…and you deserve to be seen and celebrated. 

By getting involved, sharing your story, and being a Champion for yourself and others, you play a vital role in building the #MedtronicChampion community— a supportive network that helps everyone feel like a part of something bigger. So, I invite you to join our #MedtronicChampion community and follow the hashtag on social to find others to connect with. Check our website to learn more. Are you in?




Hear from some of our global Medtronic Champions:

Daniela photo circle 

“I am a #MedtronicChampion because I advocate and educate about the mental health impacts of diabetes, and how diabetes technology can make a huge difference in improving not only your mental health, but the mental health of your family.” 
Daniela, living with T1D in Costa Rica.      

 Dalton photo circle

“Being a diabetic doesn’t mean you have to live a restricted lifestyle. I try to be as active as possible in my community by running in local races, volunteering with my fraternity, and going on hikes with my friends! My diagnosis was a big lifestyle change, but I like to view it as an obstacle in life, not a roadblock. Living with diabetes and going about our lives like everyone else makes us that much tougher!” 
Dalton, living with T1D in the United States     

Lauren photo circle 

“[When I was younger], it was hard. I didn’t have anyone to look up to and that’s why I want to be that for younger kids. I want to show them that anything is possible. They can do whatever. They don’t have to be embarrassed by it; they need to embrace it.” Lauren, WNBA player and Medtronic partner, living with T1D in the United States.



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