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12 Ways To Sleep With An Insulin Pump

12 Ways To Sleep With An Insulin Pump | The LOOP Blog

When I first got my insulin pump and got into bed, I asked myself, “If I have to wear this to sleep, where am I supposed to put it?” I quickly found there are many answers to that simple question. Like me, many people are initially unsure of how they will sleep with an insulin pump, but this challenge is not as difficult to overcome as it may first appear. We asked the DOC to tell us what they do and here are the top 12 ways to sleep with an insulin pump.

1. The PJ Clip

“Clipped to my pajama waist band. I specifically seek out thicker bands so the clip doesn’t make holes through the material over time.” – Kristin Mudd

2. The Undies

“I just clip my pump onto my undergarment and tuck the tubing inside the undergarment.  This allows me to buy whatever type of sleep wear that I enjoy.  My pump is safe and secure and out of the way.  After all we all want a goodnight’s sleep.” –  Kitty Castellini, MiniMed Ambassador

3. The Body Pillow

“I sleep with a body pillow on my side and I put my pump under the pillow. I switch sides a couple times through the night, but have somehow learned to move my pillow and pump with me in my sleep.” – Whitney Mielke

4. The Blanky Buddy

“In a pouch made from the same material as my sons favorite blankey! Made by his grandma for him!” – Christina Byerly

5. The Classic Pocket-T

“I have a t-shirt with a left breast pocket that I turn inside out and put my pump in that pocket during the night.” – Lee Bring

6. The Bra Clip

“Clipped to the strap on the middle of my bra. Pretty much wear it that way all day.” – Michelle Wilson

7. The Skilled Sewer

“I had pockets sewn into my night gowns. I put it in the pocket secure the pocket with a safety pen. Works really well!” – Pamela Swearingen Primrose

8. The Workout Shorts

“Workout shorts with a key pocket. Pump fits perfectly there. In the winter, workout leggings with a key pocket. Those with a t-shirt have become my favorite PJ’s with the pump.” – Meri Winchester

9. The Back Sleeper

“When I was playing with the Tampa Rays baseball team in 1998 I had a stress fracture in my back and I was told to always sleep on my back and so it grew to become natural to me to always sleep on my back so I put my insulin pump on the side of my pants when I sleep and it never gets in the way.” – Jason Johnson, MiniMed Ambassador

10. The V-Neck Nighty

“I always buy nightgowns with button down or V-neck collars so I can clip my pump to the front of my nightgown. I use the pump clip not the holster so it weighs less. It’s also close enough to hear any alarms or adjust a temp basal rate if needed in the middle of the night.” – Peggy Sue Small

11. The Velcro Strap

“I slide it into a pocket attached to a Velcro strap I purchased from Medtronic. It straps around my chest and the pump is safely tucked away, but due to the clear window, I can see my numbers if I need to see them.” – Andy Inskeep

12. The Monkey

“I made a little pouch on a soft-cloth belt with a flap over the pouch in the shape of a monkey for my son, so he would answer this question by saying, “Monkey holds it.” If not Monkey, then Froggy, or Zeebie [zebra], or Stripey [striped, but no animal]. He’s asked for a lion next…” – Elizabeth Platt Hamblin

Not every one of these will work for you. And not everyone has someone to make them a monkey (though wouldn’t it be great if we did). But hopefully something here will help you get some much-needed zzz’s.

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