Posted by Naomi Kingery on October 4, 2016

Pump: MiniMed Paradigm Models, MiniMed Revel and MiniMed 530G system 

It’s just not reasonable to expect one max bolus amount to work for every meal and every day. Some days, you may need a larger single bolus. Other days, your needs may be much smaller. The factory setting is 10 units, but this can be altered if you need more. I’ll be honest, the only time the Max bolus amount gets in my way is when I go out to eat Chinese food…heehee! 

Posted by Naomi Kingery on August 23, 2016

It’s one thing to know your Daily Totals, but you can take your diabetes management to the next level by staying on top of your history. The Daily Totals feature on your pump can provide you with instant access to a day-by-day history of your total insulin usage for the previous 32 days. 

You can review insulin delivered both in your basal rates and boluses as well as carb totals. This history can be helpful for spotting patterns on highs or lows or to match up against a food diary.  It can also be a good resource for your doctor or caregivers.