Sensors & Transmitters

Caring for Your Sensor & Transmitter

Charging Your Transmitter

It is recommended to recharge the transmitter after each sensor use (that is every 3 days).

Usage Charging Time Needed
After 3-days of usage Less than 20 minutes
After 14-days of usage Less than 2 hours
More than 14-days of usage Less than 8 hours
  1. If a green light on the transmitter is lit or flashing, do not connect it to the charger. The transmitter will not charge with its green light on. Wait for the green light to turn off (approximately 30 seconds), then connect the transmitter to the charger.
  2. Connect the transmitter to the charger by lining it up, flat side down, with the charger. Push the two components together fully.
  3. Within 10 seconds after the transmitter is connected, a green light on the charger will flash for 1-2 seconds as the charger powers on. For the rest of the charging time, the charger's green light will continue to flash in a pattern of 4 flashes with a pause between the 4 flashes.
  4. When charging is complete, the green light on the charger will stay on, without flashing, for 15-20 seconds and then turn off.
  5. After the green charger light turns off, disconnect the transmitter from the charger. The green light on the transmitter will flash for about 5 seconds and then turn off.
Storing Your Transmitter

If you are not going to replace your sensor:

  1. Turn the sensor feature OFF to avoid getting a LOST SENSOR alert.
  2. Store the transmitter, charger and tester in a clean, dry location at room temperature. Although not required, you may store the transmitter on the charger. If the transmitter is not in use, you must charge the transmitter at least once every 60 days.
Cleaning Your Transmitter

Warning:  The charger and transmitter are not water tight by itself. Do NOT dunk in water.

If your transmitter needs cleaning, refer to the transmitter user guide for the complete process.

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