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Inserting Your Sensor and Connecting the Transmitter

Device: MiniMed® 630G insulin pump (MMT-1715K)

Choose a location for inserting your sensor. Shown here are the best body areas (shaded) for sensor insertion:

Note: Clinical trials of sensor accuracy have been based on sensors inserted in the belly area. Sensor performance may differ when other insertion sites are used.

Avoid inserting the sensor:

  • Into the 2-inch (5.0 cm) area around your belly button
  • Where your body naturally bends a great deal
  • In areas where clothing might cause irritation (for example your beltline)
  • Where you have scarred or hardened tissue or stretch marks

For Enlite sensor, your sensor should be at least:

  • 2 inches (5.0cm) away from your navel
  • 1 inch away from your insulin pump infusion site
  • 1 inch away from any other insulin needle injection site (syringe, pen)

Changing the Enlite sensor using the One-press serter with your MiniMed 630G Insulin Pump

Note: To hear the instructions on these videos, make sure the sound on your computer is turned on.

Enlite Serter Inserting the enlite sensor

Download step by step instructions in a PDF format for the Enlite Sensor Taping Tips Quick Reference Guide for the Enlite Sensor and One-press Serter

Tip for Enlite Sensor Success Picture

Tip 1: Making sure your Enlite® sensor is secure is important. Check out the Enlite Tape Tips, which may be helpful for people who experience adhesion or skin irritation issues.

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