We are thrilled to announce a new uploader and improved product experience for our CareLink™ Personal software.

CareLink™ Personal software collects information from compatible insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems, glucose meters, and logbook data entered by patients. The CareLink ™system then turns that information into reports that help healthcare professionals identify and understand events, patterns, and trends at a glance. Patients can see the same reports, charts, and graphics their doctor sees so they can go to their office visit feeling prepared. The reports can also leave them feeling confident they’re receiving helpful insights based on their personal diabetes journey.

Customers around the globe rely on the CareLink™ Personal website to upload their diabetes device data into one, simple location. We know that the user experience on the CareLink™ Personal website has been less than ideal — many customers have voiced their frustration with browser compatibility issues and the need to use Java applets to upload their pump data.

Now, it’s easier than ever for patients to upload to the CareLink™ Personal website.

The new uploader is easy to setup and simple to use. No Java or third-party applets required. The system also runs on Medtronic-owned software, which means less updates, less troubleshooting, and a simplified uploading process.

Lori Cruit, a Medtronic customer who lives with Type 1 diabetes, had this to say about her personal experience with the new CareLink™ Personal system:

Now, I look forward to uploading my pump and meter to the CareLink™ software, and seamlessly pulling the reports I need.  I can even do a quick report just for myself in between doctor visits so I can see how I’m doing on a weekly or monthly basis. Diabetes is complicated enough — it’s good to have the new CareLink™ software to make management that much easier.”

We always strive to provide our customers the most innovative products and solutions, and we are pleased that our latest innovation does just that.

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