First Live Experience of Sugar.IQ with Watson for People with Diabetes

First Live Experience of Sugar.IQ with Watson for People with Diabetes | Medtronic Diabetes, Between the Lines

I am excited to announce that Sugar.IQ with Watson, the first-of-its-kind cognitive app that helps detect important patterns and trends for people with diabetes, is now in live use for the first time. With app development now completed, we will conduct real-world testing of the final release candidate application with up to 100 MiniMed Connect mobile accessory users.

The Sugar.IQ app uses real-time continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and insulin information from Medtronic insulin pumps and glucose sensors. It leverages IBM cognitive computing power, combined with Medtronic’s expertise in diabetes, to find important patterns in diabetes data. The app will offer real-time and personalized insights so people with diabetes can spend less time worrying about their data, and have more freedom to enjoy life. The app will provide individualized guidance in understanding and helping manage elements of daily diabetes decisions by creating a single platform that brings together relevant data and provides context and insights.

We have made great progress developing the Sugar.IQ app since unveiling the concept for the first time at CES in January. Through our collaboration with IBM Watson Health, we will arm people with diabetes with a unique solution that could uncover previously unknown patterns while serving as a personal assistant that offers meaningful information when it matters to help transform diabetes care for greater freedom and better health.

Users will have the opportunity to explore the design and usability of the Sugar.IQ app, and provide valuable feedback on their experience ahead of the app’s broader rollout later this year. Once commercially available, the app will be available to people with diabetes who use a Medtronic insulin pump and CGM, and will be a companion app for those using MiniMed Connect.

The Sugar.IQ app will help answer key questions that people with diabetes have about their current health status, about where their health is trending, and what actions they can take to better manage their diabetes in the future as part of their disease-management plan with their provider.

  • Insights – As the Sugar.IQ app uncovers behaviors associated with glucose patterns, personalized messages will be delivered in real-time to help people with diabetes understand how a specific actions and habits affect their glucose levels.
  • Glycemic Assist – People with diabetes can ask the Sugar.IQ app to follow specific food or therapy-related actions and events. By following items, Sugar.IQ will help discover the impact these items have on their personal glucose levels.
  • Food Logging – The Sugar.IQ app will quickly and easily track food in a diary to deliver meal-related insights that illustrate how specific foods impact an individual.

We are excited to learn from the live testing how Watson-derived insights could potentially help people better manage their diabetes. Collaborating with IBM Watson Health, we are able to couple our diabetes expertise and vast amounts of data with powerful analytics and cognitive computing to develop new generations of personalized diabetes management solutions that will transform the way diabetes is managed today.

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