First Canadian Customer of Diabetes Self-Management Program with Canary Health

I’m happy to announce that in partnership with Canary Health, a leading provider of proven digital health self-management programs for people with chronic disease, we have started our first project in Canada. Bruyère Continuing Care, Ontario’s largest provider of sub-acute care, will offer its patients with type 2 diabetes the newly updated online version of Better Choices, Better Health®. It’s exciting to put patients at the center of their healthcare journey and provide them with a holistic approach that can help transform diabetes care, for greater freedom and better health.

Last year, we posted about our plans to expand Medtronic’s diabetes care offerings with Canary Health’s programs. Medtronic and Canary Health are the exclusive providers of Canary Health’s Better Choices, Better Health® program for people with type 2 diabetes. This six-week long online workshop was the focus of one of the largest peer-reviewed studies ever conducted of a digital diabetes self-management program.

The study’s 12-month results were recently published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, showing that the health benefits from Better Choices, Better Health® persist after 12 months, long after people completed the program. The results showed that improvements previously noted at the six-month mark (also published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research) were maintained or amplified at one year, despite the fact that there were no changes in medications or treatment regimens. Notable outcomes across five key diabetes management and behavioral indicators included:

  • Reduction in HbA1C (average blood glucose)
  • Improved depression symptoms
  • Decreased frequent hypoglycemic symptoms
  • Improved medication adherence
  • Increased exercise

Better Choices, Better Health® is effective 12 months after the program’s completion because participants learn to reframe all of their challenges, not just their illness. With tools that help them manage their lives, chronic conditions, relationships and emotions, I’m excited about how we can continue to partner with Canary Health to help more people with diabetes.

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