Diabeter Wins Value-Based Healthcare Prize 2017

Diabeter Wins Value-Based Healthcare Prize 2017

On May 11, 2017, the Value-Based Healthcare Center Europe awarded Diabeter with the Value-Based Healthcare Prize 2017. I am so proud of the work by the Diabeter team, and am not surprised that their hard work and innovative approach is being recognized.

The Value-Based Healthcare Prize rewards projects that have adopted a fundamentally new line of thinking in creating excellent patient value in terms of measurable outcomes, cost-effectiveness, and collaboration. Each year, one excellent initiative is awarded the Value-Based Healthcare Prize, a prestigious award that boosts this initiative in many ways. The Value-Based Healthcare Prize winner is selected by a renowned jury, and awarded by honorary chairman Harvard professor Michael Porter.

Diabeter is a patient-centric, Dutch-certified clinic network that specializes in providing comprehensive and individualized care for children and young adults with type 1 diabetes (T1D). Founded in 2006 by Dr. Henk Veeze and Dr. Henk-Jan Aanstoot, Diabeter offers a value-based care model that is focused on diabetes patients, use of technology, e-health solutions, and a unique patient experience. With more than 2,000 patients in five locations across the Netherlands, Diabeter is one of the largest T1D clinics in Europe.

We believe Diabeter’s value-based approach can be applied to patients with diabetes across the globe, and we are excited to make that happen. You can read more detail about our future plans here. In the meantime, I’m celebrating on behalf of the Diabeter team in the Netherlands. Proost!

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