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Global Access Archive

Medtronic Announces New Outcomes-Based Agreement with Aetna

Today we announced an outcomes-based agreement with Aetna for type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients who currently receive multiple daily insulin injections for their diabetes management. The agreement will measure health outcomes for those patients that choose to transition to pump therapy using a Medtronic insulin pump featuring SmartGuard™ Technology – the only

First Mobile Health Initiative Expands Access to Diabetes Therapy in China

With the largest global diabetes population of 114 million people, China is facing rising healthcare costs associated with poor glucose control. Although one in ten people in China have diabetes, the country lacks the education and resources to improve diabetes management among such a large population. With the evolution of China’s healthcare industry, Chinese

Expanding Global Access Via CGM Reimbursement

Expanding access to our therapy to help more people with diabetes is central to our goal of transforming diabetes care for greater freedom and better health. In many parts of the world, insurance does not cover continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), despite clear evidence the technology has clinical and economic benefits. Together, we face a

Project 6 – Strengthening Our Communities

I am so proud of our employees’ generosity. While we support our communities throughout the year– fundraising and participating in walks for the JDRF and ADA, among other activities and organizations– this year, we had phenomenal participation in Project 6. Project 6 is Medtronic’s month-long global effort to support the sixth tenet of our

Why China?

In January 2016, we signed a long-term partnership with the Chengdu municipal government to provide better diabetes management for the growing – and underserved – diabetes population in China. So, why China? According to the International Diabetes Federation, there are 415 million people in the world living with diabetes.[i] That’s a staggering number. Twenty-five