Animas Customers: Medtronic is Here to Support You

Dear Animas Customers,

Following the recent announcement that Animas will exit the market, we heard from many customers who are understandably anxious about what this means for them. Please know that we’re dedicated to supporting you through this transition and welcoming you to the Medtronic family. Our team is ready to support you and are committed to earning your trust and business with our revolutionary diabetes management solutions and unparalleled customer service, which continues to be the #1 reason that people with diabetes stay with Medtronic.

We want to ensure you understand your options and the details around the transition, which largely depends on where you are in your warranty. We’ve pulled together the following chart to help you understand what this decision means for you.

Customer Profile   Transition Details





  • You will receive customer support and purchase your supplies as you normally do – either from Animas or your distributor. You can visit for more information.
  • Over the next few months, support and supply ordering will shift to Medtronic. This is to ensure we provide the same exceptional service to both current and new members of the Medtronic family.
  • You will be notified via email with next steps/process updates.
  • If your warranty expires before September 30, 2019, you have the option to upgrade to a Medtronic pump through our existing Switch2System program.
  • If your pump is still in-warranty after September 30, 2019, you will have the option of transitioning to a MiniMed 630G pump for the remainder of your warranty. Animas has arranged for you to receive the pump at no cost to you to ensure you’re able to remain on insulin pump therapy on a comparable pump for the duration of your warranty after Animas exits the market. We’ll start transitioning eligible and interested customers in the spring of 2018, at which time our NEW and most accurate sensor to date – Guardian Sensor 3 – will be available for use with the MiniMed™ 630G pump. After September 30, 2019, Medtronic will not be able to provide supplies or customer support for Animas pumps.
Out-of-Warranty Customers


  • You will receive customer support and purchase your supplies as you normally do – either from Animas or your distributor.
  • Since your warranty is expired, you can explore your options with a therapy provider of your choice including Medtronic. We know that when it comes to your diabetes management, it’s a very personal decision and our team is ready to help. Please visit or call 855.322.9568.

Our commitment to continued innovation remains steadfast – this is driven by Our Medtronic Mission & Vision to transform diabetes care together, for greater freedom and better health. This will continue to guide us towards addressing the needs of our customers. This not only includes our firm commitment to continued innovation but also enhancing our customer service offerings as we know it’s the #1 reason that people with diabetes stay with Medtronic.

Indeed, our 30-year legacy of innovation and rich service history was what prompted Animas to identify Medtronic as its partner-of-choice to ensure Animas customers like you would be taken care of as they prepare to exit the market. Our first priority is to ensure there is no therapy disruption for Animas customers given the significant benefits insulin pump therapy provides. We truly appreciate the opportunity to support customers like you who may need it through this transition period and look forward to welcoming you to our Medtronic family.

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