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Always By Your Side | Medtronic Diabetes

Diabetes plays no favorites. From the very young, to the young at heart, it’s a lifelong challenge.

Transforming diabetes care together, for greater freedom and better health. We often reflect on these words when we think about the future of our business and how we will continue to transform into a holistic diabetes management company.

The foundation of our vision is our stated commitment to people with diabetes. But what does it really mean to give people with diabetes greater freedom? We know from 30 years of insights that people living with diabetes are never truly free of this disease. We hear variations of this sentiment every day from our customers, healthcare professionals, caregivers, and advocates, who at times feel helpless in the face of diabetes. But they are not alone. We are with them on this journey.

We have created an ecosystem of customer service employees – including hundreds of experienced field and customer care representatives – who are there for our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In fact, over 60% of Medtronic Diabetes’ employees directly support our customers. From the first pump training session, we are there. When questions or issues arise in the middle of the night, we are there. When a customer breaks their pump on vacation, we are there.

We serve more than a million customers in 100 countries and in 25 languages; this is not an easy feat, but in the end, this is what differentiates us.

We help our customers manage diabetes on their own terms by giving them the tools and support they need so they can think less about their diabetes, and more about the things that matter most to them. This is how we deliver on the promise of giving our customers greater freedom.

Because diabetes plays no favorites. From the very young, to the young at heart, it’s a lifelong challenge. There are no vacation days. No holidays. No days off. Diabetes is ever-present.

But our customers are not alone. We’re with them on this journey. Through education and outreach, product access and services, and a global support team, we strive to make life easier for people and their caregivers, for physicians and healthcare providers, and for everyone affected by this disease.

Because we’re all in this together. Wherever you are, know that we are always by your side.

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