Monthly Archive: July 2016

Expanding Global Access Via CGM Reimbursement

Expanding access to our therapy to help more people with diabetes is central to our goal of transforming diabetes care for greater freedom and better health. In many parts of the world, insurance does not cover continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), despite clear evidence the technology has clinical and economic benefits. Together, we face a

Project 6 – Strengthening Our Communities

I am so proud of our employees’ generosity. While we support our communities throughout the year– fundraising and participating in walks for the JDRF and ADA, among other activities and organizations– this year, we had phenomenal participation in Project 6. Project 6 is Medtronic’s month-long global effort to support the sixth tenet of our

DreaMed Captures A Physician’s Logic for an Artificial Pancreas Algorithm

In 2015, we took another step forward in the pursuit of developing an artificial pancreas. We joined forces with DreaMed Diabetes, a leading developer of diabetes treatment and management solutions, to incorporate DreaMed’s MD-Logic Artificial Pancreas algorithm into Medtronic’s future closed loop systems. Professor Moshe Phillip, M.D., Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer of DreaMed

Value-Based Healthcare: A New Approach to Diabetes Care

Value-based healthcare is driving change in the healthcare industry – emerging as a solution to rising healthcare costs, clinical inefficiency, and to make it easier for people to get the care they need. In the current fee-for-service model, healthcare providers are paid based on volume – number of patients seen, tests orders, and procedures