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Diabetes Advocate Forum 2016: Transforming Diabetes Care Together

Earlier this month, we had the wonderful opportunity to welcome 20+ people to our office in Southern California for another Diabetes Advocate Forum! Why? It’s an exciting time at Medtronic as we take some big steps toward our vision of transforming diabetes care together, for greater freedom and better health. It’s important to share

4 Forms Of Diabetes Support

You don’t need to feel alone in your journey with diabetes. Whether you’re interested in joining a lively online community, in need of advice from someone who understands what you’re going through, or looking for educational tools to help you or a loved one manage diabetes, there’s resources and support out there for you.

All About That Cure: 4 Little Girls Advocate For Type 1 Diabetes through Music Videos

Rarely do you see diabetes and pop culture mix, but these four girls have done just that. Meet Katherine, Maya, Mia, and Maggie. Four young girls thriving with type 1 diabetes who raise awareness about diabetes by making parodies of modern pop songs, changing them into them fun, educational videos about living with diabetes.

3 Ways Peer Support Can Help With Diabetes Management

Diabetes is not an easy disease. From diagnosis to daily management, diabetes can cause a lot of self-doubt and at times, make you feel down. Peer support can help you assure yourself you are managing this disease the best you can, and there are ways to live a healthy lifestyle despite all of the

CGM Medicare Access Next Steps: Contact Your Local Committee Members!

We’ve made great progress since re-introducing the Medicare CGM Access Act of 2015 (H.R. 1427, S 804), which would require Medicare to cover continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) for seniors who are currently denied access to this important diabetes management technology. Thanks to you, we now have 28 Senators and 153 House Members co-sponsoring the