MiniMed Mobile app training

With the MiniMed Mobile app, you can track your sugar levels and receive notifications on your phone and Apple® Watch if you are going high or low. Care partners can also download a separate app, CareLink Connect, to stay in the know.

How to download & install the app

Download via Apple® App Store for iOS compatible phones and at Google Play for Android compatible phones.

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Basic setup requirements

Basic setup requirements

  1. Pump & App Requirements:
    • The MiniMed 780G pump needs to be within 20 feet of the MiniMed Mobile app
    • The app needs to be open, in the foreground or background
    • The MiniMed Mobile app displays pump and sensor data on a compatible smartphone through a Bluetooth® connection
  2. Smartphone requirements to communicate to CareLink software through the app
    • An internet connection
    • Sync to CareLink option turned ON
    • Stay logged into the CareLink software (check once weekly to make sure you are logged in)
    • Keep the app open (either in foreground or background)
    • In addition, the requirement for the pump and app to be within 20 feet as stated above
  3. Turn off “automatic updates” on your phone
      To disable & manually update on Android
    • Go to Settings > Software Update
    • Toggle “Download updates automatically” to off position
    • Choose “Download updates manually” to update software only after checking Medtronic website to ensure compatibility with the MiniMed Mobile app
      To disable & manually update on iOS
    • Go to Settings > General > Software Updates
    • Tap Automatic Updates
    • Turn toggle to the “off” position
    • Check Medtronic website to ensure compatibility with the MiniMed Mobile app
    • Go to Settings > Software Update
    • Tap Download and Install

Overview of screens

Home Screen

MiniMed Mobile App Home Screen

Time in Range Screens

If using continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), swipe left to access time in range data and graphs for the last 24-hours.

MiniMed Mobile App Time in Range Screens

System notifications

  1. The SYSTEM STATUS ICONS on the Menu screen show you the status of your pump and any additional paired devices. The status icon appears on the Home screen, if any status needs attention.


    • Pump Connection to the app
    • Transmitter Connection to the pump
    • Pump Battery
    • Transmitter Battery
    • Reservoir Units
    • Sensor Life

    * These images are similar to pump icons

  2. Notifications must be on to receive pump alerts, alarms and reminders from the pump.


    In order to receive notifications in the form of:

    • ALERTS
    • ALARMS

    Notifications from the pump must be toggled ON!

    When repeat notifications is on, app notifications will repeat every minute

  3. Notifications basics:
    • Notifications will appear at the top of the Home screen in the app
    • When app isn’t opened, notifications will appear as all notifications from apps appear
    • All alerts and alarms can be dismissed on the app, but the alerts and alarms can ONLY be cleared on the pump
    • If Repeat Notifications is on, the notification will repeat every minute
    • If notifications are off or the phone is set to Do Not Disturb, notifications will not be received through the app

The MiniMed Mobile app (Version 2.1 and higher) is also compatible with Apple® Watch*. You can monitor your values on your watch face or tap to enter the app. You must connect your Apple® Watch with your compatible iPhone® device to get alerts and notifications on your watch. The watch communicates with the iPhone® device, not the insulin pump, so if your iPhone® device is out of range, you will not get updated glucose information on your watch.

Installing MiniMed Mobile on your Apple® Watch

  1. Make sure your Apple® Watch and iPhone® device are connected. You can check this in your Bluetooth® settings and use the Apple Watch User Guide if it’s not.
  2. Download the MiniMed Mobile app from the App Store on you iPhone® device if you haven’t done so already.
  3. Next, you need the companion app on your Apple® Watch. If this does not happen automatically, there are two ways of doing it manually:

Get the app via your Watch.

Apple watch accessibility options

  • Press the digital crown button to see the home screen then tap the App Store® online store
  • Tap Search and enter “MiniMed Mobile”
  • Find the right app with this icon and tap Get

Apple watch accessibility options

Get the app via your iPhone® device.

Apple watch accessibility options
  • On your iPhone® device, open the Watch app
  • Tap the My Watch tab
  • Tap Install next to the MiniMed Mobile app

Watch faces and features called "complications"

Watch faces are a great way to personalize how application data shows on your Apple® Watch. Complications are pieces of information from apps that appear on a watch face. Installing the MiniMed Mobile app complication allows you to quickly access your sensor glucose on your Apple® Watch. You can add new watch faces to your Watch to make MiniMed Mobile app easier to use, here’s how with the Apple® Watch.

You can add complications to your Apple® Watch using the app on your iPhone® device.

Apple® Watch icon

Apple watch accessibility options

Tap on Face Gallery at the bottom

Apple watch accessibility options

Tap a watch face to customize

Apple watch accessibility options

Tap Complications to get a list of all the watch face options and select the one you want to use for the MiniMed Mobile app. Currently, only bottom options are supported.

Access this webpage from your phone, so you can download watch faces and easily set them up.

The MiniMed Mobile app currently supports these watch faces: Activity Analog, Activity Digital, Explorer, Mickey Mouse, Motion, Photos, Utility, Astronomy, Breathe, Kaleidoscope, Liquid Metal, Fire and Water, Nike Analog, Portraits, Solar Graph, Timelapse, Toy Story, and Vapor. Our team is working to bring support to additional complications and watch faces.

Note - Do not add a color or tint modification to your chosen watch face. This can cause the MiniMed Mobile app to become difficult to read.

Download complications

From your iPhone® device, tap your watch face below to automatically install the MiniMed™ Mobile app complication on your Apple® Watch.

Activity Analog

Activity Digital



Fire and Water


Liquid Metal

Mickey Mouse


Nike Analog

Nike Digital



Solar Graph

Time Lapse


Activity Analog


Frequently asked questions

  • Smartphone connectivity from the pump
  • Automatic uploads:
    • Every five minutes to CareLink Personal
    • Every 24 hours for CareLink report creation
  • Manual uploads:
    • Can push to upload through “Upload Now” option on the app
  • The app needs to be connected to the internet for initial start-up, but not daily use
  • However, internet is needed for sending data to CareLink and the CareLink Connect app
  • If you do not have a compatible smartphone, you will not be able to use the app
  • You will use the regular pump screen for viewing data and will need to use the Blue Adapter for manual downloads
  • iOS – swipe up to close
  • Android – “force close”
  • The pump and app will be in search mode when far apart
  • The search can impact battery levels
  • We recommend keeping the pump and app within 20 feet or 6 meters of each other

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