Proving the Economic Benefits of Professional CGM

Our economic analysis of professional CGM using real-world data was published in the Journal of Medical Economics. With this analysis, Medtronic Diabetes is the first to demonstrate the significant clinical and health economic benefits of professional CGM products – such as iPro™2 – for people living with type 2 diabetes, and healthcare systems.

Prior research has established that – when used by clinicians to make therapy and lifestyle recommendations – professional CGM can have significant clinical impacts. This analysis also demonstrates a statistically significant avoidance of costs to the healthcare system for patients using professional CGM during a therapy change or when used at least twice per year. Our iPro 2 professional CGM product remains one of the most widely used professional CGM products in the United States, and this analysis confirms and validates the value of using professional CGM to guide therapy optimization and to manage patients.

Access to this important publication is free for the next six months. I invite you to read the analysis in its entirety here.

Expanding patient access to professional CGM will help reduce the systemic growth of costs related to managing diabetes and this data proves that our technology can help to alleviate the growing economic burden associated with treating those with type 2 diabetes.


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