Developing A New Tool with Fitbit for Simplified Type 2 Diabetes Management

Fitbit and Medtronic Partnership

Today we announced a partnership with Fitbit to integrate health and activity data into new CGM solutions for simplified type 2 diabetes management. This partnership brings together our sophisticated medical technology with the convenience of automatic activity tracking from Fitbit. Together we can provide meaningful insights into how exercise impacts glucose levels for more effective diabetes care management.

As you know, maintaining and tracking glucose levels are critical to effectively managing diabetes. For many people with type 2 diabetes, understanding how exercise affects glucose levels is a critical element to proper glucose management and long-term health. Additionally, many people are manually tracking and recording their physical activity, requiring them to recall and communicate that information to their physician from memory. As such, there is tremendous potential to use activity data captured by Fitbit’s leading wearable technology devices to provide actionable insights that paint a more accurate picture of how exercise frequency, intensity, and timing may impact a person’s blood glucose level.

Our new myLog mobile app automatically combines data generated by the Fitbit activity tracker with our iPro2 Professional continuous glucose monitor (CGM), eliminating the need to track and enter this data manually.

Through this partnership, we are able to leverage Fitbit’s strong consumer brand to reach more people with type 2 diabetes with fitness tracker-based apps that are specifically designed to manage diabetes in a more proactive and engaging way.

This is an incredibly exciting partnership for Medtronic Diabetes that underscores our commitment to transform diabetes care together, for greater freedom and better health.

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