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Medtronic and Nutrino Address Impact of Nutrition in Type 2 Diabetes

As we continue to transform diabetes care to drive greater freedom and better health, we’ve placed a stronger focus on providing insights and solutions to doctors and patients to encourage better management of Type 2 diabetes.

Our Pattern Snapshot provides healthcare professionals with a one-page report that helps them quickly interpret CGM data to provide more personalized therapy when paired with our iPro™ 2 Professional Continuous Glucose (CGM) Monitoring System [1].

We have also enhanced the patient experience with the iPro™ 2 myLog mobile app [2], which makes it easier for patients to log events during their iPro2 CGM evaluation.

Now, we are tackling the topic of nutrition by working closely with Nutrino, who provides people living with diabetes an individualized picture — or FoodPrint™ — of how daily food intake and other physical behaviors such as sleep and activity levels impact their glucose levels. Nutrino uses science-based nutritional insights combined with the data generated from a professional CGM evaluation to provide the FoodPrint™ report.

Together, we are the first to present detailed, personalized nutrition analysis after a professional iPro2 CGM evaluation, which is geared at improving diabetes management coaching to initiate positive behavior change. Working with a small group of physicians to incorporate the FoodPrint™ report into their practice, we began with an iPro2 CGM evaluation, which records a patients’ glucose levels 24 hours a day, for up to six days. The iPro2 system — used intermittently — provides physicians and the healthcare team with insights into how the nutrition plan, medication regimen, and daily activities affect the glucose levels of people with diabetes. The evaluation enables them to know more about their patients’ glucose profiles in less time, and helps them make more informed decisions around their patients’ diabetes management.

During the six-day iPro2 evaluation, we provided patients with an app powered by Nutrino, which is specifically geared toward Type 2 patients. The app is built on the Apple CareKit framework to capture and log food images and information during the evaluation. At the end of the test period, we generated a personalized FoodPrint™ report that scored meals logged based on each patient’s personal glycemic reactions.

Patients simply take pictures of the food they’re consuming during the week. With patient permission, Nutrino collects the images from the phone’s camera roll, analyzes the data using its proprietary tools, and generates a FoodPrint™ report; the app does not need to be open for Nutrino to collect and analyze the images. This report and the meal-scoring is personal, meaning that one person’s score of ‘A’ could be another person’s ‘D’, based on glycemic reactions to the individual meals. This gives patients a visual representation of how the food they consume impacts their glucose levels, and it also provides insights on sleep and activity.

Our purpose was to validate the importance of contextual data when evaluating the impact that actions — such as eating certain foods — have on diabetes, and fine tune the opportunities to best bring food-related insights to a wider population of people with diabetes.

Initial results validated our hypothesis; nutrition information, delivered in an easy-to-understand format, is a significant need in the treatment of diabetes. Below are a few testimonials from physicians and patients who participated in the test.

Providing meaningful insights that will have a lasting impact on the lives of people living with diabetes and solving the problem of food coaching will be vital to improving the health of people with Type 2 diabetes. We are excited about this new tool that will help patients with Type 2 live with greater freedom, and better health.