Growing the Diabeter Model

Growing the Diabeter Model

Part 3 of a three-part series about Medtronic and Diabeter. In part 1, we discussed our acquisition of Diabeter as part of our overall value-based healthcare strategy. In part 2, we highlighted the components of a value-based healthcare system and how Diabeter exemplifies them. In part 3, we discuss what’s next for Medtronic and growing the Diabeter model.

Diabeter, a Medtronic-owned chain of innovative, independent Netherlands-based diabetes clinic and research centers, has an approach to diabetes management that has demonstrated how an integrated care model delivers value-based medicine. With this success, our goal is to continue to improve the Diabeter model by innovating and applying the latest medical technology and data collection, as well as actively selling Diabeter’s care bundles both in the Netherlands and more broadly. As part of this process, we are committed to ensuring Diabeter maintains its independence in clinical decision-making, therapy, and brand choice of medical technology, utilizing proven processes and principles to ensure these decisions remain at all times in the hands of physicians.

The first step in scaling the Diabeter model is to keep collaborating with leading diabetes facilities in the Netherlands on value-based healthcare. Leading Dutch payers are showing interest in enrolling more type 1 diabetes patients in Diabeter programs and agreeing on innovative reimbursement models. We are also looking to expand care beyond children and adolescents to adults.

In fact, the 5th Diabeter clinic just opened in Groningen with an additional 204 patients coming from the Groningen University Hospital and Martini Hospital. With the opening of this clinic, Diabeter will be treating more than 2,000 patients in the Netherlands.

The second step is expanding globally, as leading healthcare providers and governments around the world look for ways to move away from their current, often flawed diabetes care models to a value-based approach. In the U.S., Europe, and the Gulf region, for example, they are currently discussing how to bring this innovative and proven model to their countries.

Diabeter, as a pioneering integrated practice unit for the management of type 1 diabetes, has already proven great success in the Netherlands. An international well-driven expansion is needed to ensure that other patients and healthcare systems benefit from better outcomes at equal or better costs as a contributor to the transformation and viability of care. Working together, Medtronic and Diabeter will be able to further advance integrated care models for people with diabetes in the Netherlands and other countries around the world.

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