Monthly Archive: August 2016

SmartGuard Technology: Why Systems That Take Action Are Important

Hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) can be very dangerous and is one of the most frightening situations for people with diabetes – particularly during the night when an estimated 57% of people with type 1 diabetes experience a low at least once.[i] Not to mention it impacts their quality of life and takes time out

Patient-Centered Design Process Results in New, User-Friendly MiniMed 630G System

I am thrilled to announce the U.S. launch of the MiniMed 630G system with SmartGuard technology – our most advanced pump platform for people with diabetes in the country. This latest innovation was developed through a collaborative process with the patient community, who provided feedback on features that matter most to people with diabetes.

Always by Your Side

Diabetes plays no favorites. From the very young, to the young at heart, it’s a lifelong challenge. Transforming diabetes care together, for greater freedom and better health. We often reflect on these words when we think about the future of our business and how we will continue to transform into a holistic diabetes management

First Mobile Health Initiative Expands Access to Diabetes Therapy in China

With the largest global diabetes population of 114 million people, China is facing rising healthcare costs associated with poor glucose control. Although one in ten people in China have diabetes, the country lacks the education and resources to improve diabetes management among such a large population. With the evolution of China’s healthcare industry, Chinese