If you are using a Mozilla® Firefox® browser, Firefox has ended support for Java in March 2017. CareLink® Personal software uses Java plugins to upload data from Medtronic supported medical devices, such as the insulin pumps. Please click here for more information, or contact Customer Support if you have questions.

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Count on expert support from diabetes educators, therapy consultants and clinical specialists.


Get in-person training sessions for hands-on learning for your diabetes therapy.


Learn more with online modules and helpful tools.

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"I was shocked when I got my diabetes diagnosis. Suddenly, I had a lot of questions. I’m glad that Medtronic was there to answer them. By the time I finished my training, I was an expert in my new sensor pump. It’s reassuring to know that I got the right information, just when I needed it most.”
Alexander M.
Medtronic Customer
Lee Z.
"I had a patient tell me that I helped change his life. Since that’s one of our main goals at Medtronic, I found that to be extremely emotional and special.”
Lee Z.
Sr. Clinical Specialist



Services Overview

From your first training session to ongoing support, our global team is always there to help.


24-Hour Helpline:  

Here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.


Global Assistance  

Provides replacement supplies and devices for patients that have limited access.