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Diabetes Fashion Roundup: Where To Wear An Insulin Pump?

One of the questions I often hear when someone is trying to decide on insulin pump therapy, is “where will I wear an insulin pump?” For many this can be a personal preference and dependent on the weather, outfit or activity on any given day. Today, we round up some of the best insulin pump fashion tips from our community!

How To Wear An Insulin Pump, From A Formal Wedding To A Day at the Beach | The LOOP Blog

How to Wear an Insulin Pump, From a Formal Wedding to a Day at the Beach

After using an insulin pump for over 30 years, MiniMed Ambassador, Cindy, answers questions about how she wears her insulin pump while at the beach, during a normal day or while attending a formal event.

Diabetes Fashion Roundup: Where to Wear an Insulin Pump? | The LOOP Blog

Prepping for Prom with an Insulin Pump

While planning for prom, MiniMed Ambassador, Kelly, had to decide where to wear her insulin pump with a strapless evening gown. Kelly lists out several options, depending on what type of dress you’re wearing.

Diabetes Fashion Roundup: Where to Wear an Insulin Pump? | The LOOP Blog

Summer Diabetes Management Routines: Fashion Edition

A few of our friends from the diabetes community told us about where they wear their pump during the summer, including swimsuits, sundresses and shorts! (Especially helpful in a few months or even sooner if you’re lucky enough to be heading somewhere warm for Spring Break!)

12 Ways To Sleep With An Insulin Pump | The LOOP Blog

12 Ways to Sleep with an Insulin Pump

While not necessarily “fashion,” many people wonder where to wear the pump while sleeping. We have 12 answers from different people, about what they do with the pump.

Maggie Hunts_Featured

Will I Look Weird Naked?

Because let’s be honest, as concerned as others might be on where to put the pump while dressed, many are also concerned about how the pump (or infusion set) will look during (ahem!) more intimate moments when clothes are not required at all. Maggie Hunts tackles this and gives her advice on what you’ll look like with the insulin pump and being naked.

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