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I looked down the other day and saw that the edge of my infusion set site was no longer sticky and beginning to peel. To be cautious, I put a piece of tape over my site and was back to business. At times I am often overly cautious because of the whole saying “I’d rather be safe than sorry,” and because I have also learned what can happen when I don’t take that extra special care.

I am reminded that with diabetes and an insulin pump, you must always be paying attention. A pat in your bag to make sure you feel that your meter is there. A double (or triple) check to make sure you have the snacks in your drawer you may need for later. And an extra glance at your infusion set site, and at times the need to cover it up with extra tape. (Note to self: since you used that piece of tape, put an extra piece in your bag so you have an extra one the next time this happens.)

Last year I helped lead a project that revamped our Tape Tips and Site Management brochure to help people like me in moments such as this. We are super excited about it, and as a customer myself I appreciate that I have a copy of it handy if I ever need the extra information. Have you seen it? Download a copy from our website and save it for future reference, and let me know what you think!

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