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Earlier this year we introduced you to Ed Monas, who you learned has many titles, two of which are Director of Sales Initiatives and Distributor Operations here at Medtronic and "diabetes dad." Ed and his wife Linda have a son Grey who has had type 1 diabetes since he was 10 months old. Grey is now a teenager and taking more and more responsibility for his own diabetes. Last fall, he even spent a semester at boarding school 2,000+ miles away from home. While he ultimately decided to return to California to finish high school, Grey's diabetes management went well even while far away from Mom and Dad - which is good news as the Monas family starts to think about college in a few years! Watch this video for Ed's tips on how to prepare as a family and work with school officials to build a strong diabetes support system at school.



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Submitted by Mary Ann (not verified) on

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I have a 15 year old grandson who has had diabetes since he was 10 months old. He has been very rebellious to his family (2 brothers and a sister) He seems to be so very angry. His parents do all possible to help him, he has a pump but refuses to use it most times. Lies about putting in numbers and amount he eats. All he wants is the computer. Fights them all the time. Any suggestions would help. He went to diabetic camp for 6 weeks and seems so happy there. What to do

Submitted by Karrie Hawbaker (not verified) on

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Hi Mary Ann. I’m sorry to hear your grandson is going through a hard time right now. Being a teenager can be tough, and being a parent of a teenager can be just as tough. There are many places online to connect with others who are living with or caring for someone with diabetes that may have suggestions. You can use the following link to find a few of them:

You may also find these articles helpful:

Submitted by Lee Foster (not verified) on

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We have a Type 1 14 year old cousin (boy) living with us and I was interested in this article because we are considering boarding school for him. Can you advise us what boarding or military schools will accept Type 1 diabetics?

Thank you!

Submitted by Karrie Hawbaker (not verified) on

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Lee, we don't have list of specific schools, but most will have a nurse on-site and the ability to allow students with a variety of health needs. Please check with the school's administration to find out more information.

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