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Bolus Options For Your Thanksgiving Feast

Bolus Options For Your Thanksgiving Feast | The LOOP Blog

As Thanksgiving approaches you might be thinking one of three things: the arrival of the pilgrims to North America, what you are thankful for, and what yummy meal(s) you might be eating the day of!

So as you prepare for your Thanksgiving feast, let’s talk about the word that goes hand in hand with feast, “bolus.” You recently heard from Karen about the advanced bolus features, the Dual Wave or Square Wave bolus which are both valid options for your high-fat or extended Thanksgiving meals. But if you decide not to use these, let’s look at the other ways you can bolus with an insulin pump and when you might do so.

Bolus Wizard Feature

The Bolus Wizard comes in handy if you know (or can accurately estimate) the number of grams of carbohydrates in your meal. It allows you to enter your current blood glucose (BG) reading (or have it come directly from the BG meter if you’re using a linking meter), and will ask you how many grams of carbs you will be eating. Once that is entered, your pump will take into account what your current BG is, the amount of carbs, and how much insulin you might still have active in your system (also called “Active Insulin”) in case it needs to make any adjustments. You can access this through the “Bolus” menu or by hitting the “B” button on your pump.

Manual (Normal) Bolus

For some people, and some meals, you might find that when you glance at a meal to count the carbs, there might be times where it comes more naturally to say “that plate looks like it will take 5 units of insulin.” Although this isn’t as accurate as putting in actual amounts of the grams of carbs and it doesn’t take your varied settings into account, this allows you to be in control of exactly how much insulin you think your body needs. You can access this through the “Bolus” menu on your pump.

Easy Bolus

If you typically bolus for a specific serving size and then decide last minute to pile on more cranberry sauce, you might find yourself utilizing the Easy bolus feature. This allows you to hit the “UP arrow” on your pump to add some additional insulin on top of what you have previously bolused without going through all of the steps. This comes in handy for smaller doses or making small dose adjustments, like 0.5 units for example.

With just a few button pushes, you are ready to go. Whichever way you decide to bolus, know that you have options. This is a great conversation to have with your healthcare team prior to the holiday season. Decide what works best for you, and make sure to give yourself insulin to try and avoid those high numbers many people with diabetes experience during the holidays! So enjoy that turkey (or tofurkey) and share with us in the comments which way will you be bolusing on Thanksgiving.


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