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A Back-Up Insulin Pump In Your Bag

A Back-Up Insulin Pump In Your Bag | The LOOP Blog

One of the reasons that we post on The LOOP is to educate our customers on the benefits and value added resources available to them. It seems like one topic that there’s always an appetite to learn more about is travel! There are questions like how to go through airport security, what to do with your Medtronic devices on an airplane, how to adjust to a new place with varied temperatures and sceneries, you name it. Another travel topic you should be aware of is the Medtronic Travel Loaner Program. We have shared about this before, but it seems that there is always room to talk about it and share the program details with those not familiar with it.

So what is the Travel Loaner Program available to Medtronic customers in the U.S.? It’s simple. Pay $50, and you can take a back-up insulin pump on your trip, and then return it when you get back home.I used to wonder, what’s the value in an extra insulin pump? The answer is simple. If anything were to go wrong and you were in a remote location where you couldn’t get the help you needed, then you have a back-up insulin pump in your bag! If you’re going to travel, all you have to do is fill out the Travel Loaner Agreement form at least two weeks before your trip to get your extra insulin pump in time before you leave.

A new place can bring uncertainty over the healthcare, miscalculations with carbohydrates in new meals, and a big step out of your diabetes comfort zone. But one thing that doesn’t have to happen is a headache or a fast heartbeat over an issue with your insulin pump. So do yourself a favor while you’re planning your next big summertime adventure and check out the Travel Loaner Program. If you have any questions or need help filling out the form, call 1.800.646.4633, option 5 or leave us a comment!

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