5 summer tips for people with diabetes

Medtronic Champion Jaime in a field of sunflowers

5 Summer tips for people with diabetes

Hi everyone! I’m Jaime – a Medtronic employee and a personal expert at enjoying summer while living with type 1 diabetes. Summer brings a lot of things—vacations, time outdoors, water activities, family BBQs and much more. 

Here are 5 tips that I do to set myself up for success during the summer months!

Summer Tip #1 – Drink water

For me, hydration is always important but it’s essential during the sunny, hot, and humid summers in South Texas.  

I set timers on my phone to remind me to hit my water goals and I bought a fun water bottle in a bright color to motivate me too!

Summer Tip #2 – Use all the tape

Living in South Texas, the temps average in the 100’s (F) during the summer with 100% humidity — which is not the best environment for my sensor and infusion sets.  

I’m outside more and spend a lot of time in the pool trying to keep cool. I find that I have extra challenges with adhesion during the warmer months.  

I’m very cognizant about adding on things like extra tape and utilizing prep wipes to make sure my sensor and infusion set stay put!

Summer Tip #3 – Take a travel backup plan

If you’re like me and try to squeeze in all the travel plans while your kiddos are on summer vacation, a back up plan is KEY to a successful trip. If I’m traveling outside of the United States, I get a Travel Loaner Pump from Medtronic and I make sure to pack the following:

  • Long and short acting insulin + syringes
  • Test strips
  • Plenty of sensors, infusion sets, and reservoirs
  • Cool pack to keep my insulin cold
  • Glucose tabs or gummy bears for lows
  • Tape for my sensors
  • Alcohol wipes

Summer Tip #4 – Protect your feet

I love wearing flip flops and would live barefoot if I could get away with it. However, I know I have to protect my feet — especially in the summer.  

While it’s super tempting to run barefoot in the yard with my daughter or to walk around barefoot by the pool, I try to make sure to wear sandals that fit properly to protect my feet.  

I’m also a big fan of getting routine pedicures in the summer to give my feet a little added TLC. 

Summer Tip #5 - Exercise safely

I change up my workout routines in the summer.  Workouts move to either the early mornings or later in the evening so I can avoid the hotter temps during the day.  

I also tend to focus more on indoor activities instead of the normal outdoor hiking I do during the spring and fall months. Kick boxing, yoga, and spin classes are some of my favorite activities to do during the summer months.  

I always support my hydration with electrolytes (and my new water bottle) and make sure to test before and after working out to make sure I’m staying safe.   

What are some of your summer tips for living with diabetes? Share them below with the community!

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Blog comments

It would be good to add a note about how high summer heat can affect the insulin that is in your infusion set. It is important to be aware and possibly change your infusion sets more often.

Submitted by Vicky Enloe (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

Great tips to remember.

Submitted by David Parkhust (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

What tape holds up the best under sweat conditions? Any recommendations?

Submitted by Jaime.Cline on

In reply to by David Parkhust (not verified)

Hi, David! Medtronic offers the StayPut patches in their shop, as well as skin prep wipes, which I find helpful!

Submitted by Sarah Doyle (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

Just got the780 pump excited for this upgrade

Submitted by Nicole (not verified) on

In reply to by Sarah Doyle (not verified)

We can't wait to hear your thoughts, Sarah!

Submitted by Vincent Pizzi (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

Why a loaner travel pump?

Submitted by Jaime.Cline on

In reply to by Vincent Pizzi (not verified)

Hi, Vincent. Just in case! This way I have a reliable back-up pump and don't have to go without my pump (or wait for a replacement) if something happens.

Submitted by Brenda Whitaker (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

Thanks Jaime. Just a quick question. What type of electrolytes do you use during the summer? I live in South Carolina and it’s hot here too.
Thanks for your response.

Submitted by Jaime.Cline on

In reply to by Brenda Whitaker (not verified)

Hey, Brenda! Thanks for asking. I usually use the ones from LMNT but have found some other good options on Amazon. Please check with your healthcare provider for recommendations that are best for you.

Submitted by Michael Barfield (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

Great article and nice to see employees that actually use your products. That is probably the best thing I got from her article in all honesty…. Knowing there are people who are employed with y’all that actually understand the issues and frustrations with being a diabetic and pump user!!

Well, the reminder to protect your feet and adjust your workout routine in the heat is spot on. Thanks for sharing these tips, Jaime.

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