3 summertime tips for site management

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Summertime often means higher temps and humidity, which can be tricky when wearing an infusion set and CGM, but don’t sweat. 😊 Here are a few of our top tips to help with site management. If you find that it’s harder to keep your infusion set or glucose sensor in place as temps and humidity begin to rise, here are a few things you can do that may help. 

1. Proper site insertion is key. 

  • Make sure to insert your infusion set or sensor at least 2 inches away from your belly button. Avoid inserting where your body naturally bends and where there is scar tissue. ​This will help make sure your site is in the best spot and isn’t in a place where extra sweat may sit (which can reduce stickiness).

2. Secure your site. 

  • Avoid using lotions or cremes that may make it harder for the adhesive to stick, and prepare your site with alcohol to prevent infection and help the adhesive better stick to your skin. You may also consider using a prep wipe around your site area to help your infusion set adhere better. Just make sure to let the area dry completely before inserting. ​
  • In addition to things like liquid adhesives or prep wipes, there are other ways you can try to help the adhesive stick. For example, you can use a solid or spray non-deodorant antiperspirant for sweaty skin (no gels or creams). All you need to do is apply it to the site area and wait 10-15 minutes for it to dry. Then clean the site to remove any excess antiperspirant from skin and allow it to dry completely before insertion. Who knew antiperspirant had so many uses?!

3. Consider more adhesive. 

  • If you’re active in different ways during summer and find that you are sweating more, you may need to add some extra tape, so your sites stay secure. You may find that different techniques could work better for either your infusion set or sensor.
  • For example, people who need more staying power with their sensors may find the “blanket tape method” to be helpful. After applying the sensor and connecting the transmitter, use a piece of suitable over-tape that covers the entire sensor and transmitter. Here’s a helpful resource for you with more information on different taping techniques and site management tips.

If you have specific questions for what will work best for you, be sure check in with your healthcare team. Happy sites, happy summer!


Medtronic Diabetes insulin infusion pumps, continuous glucose monitoring systems and associated components are limited to sale by or on the order of a physician and should only be used under the direction of a healthcare professional familiar with the risks associated with the use of these systems. Successful operation of the insulin infusion pumps and/or continuous glucose monitoring systems requires adequate vision and hearing to recognize alerts and alarms. 
Medtronic Diabetes Insulin Infusion Pumps 
Insulin pump therapy is not recommended for individuals who are unable or unwilling to perform a minimum of four blood glucose tests per day. Insulin pumps use rapid-acting insulin. If your insulin delivery is interrupted for any reason, you must be prepared to replace the missed insulin immediately. 
Medtronic Diabetes Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Systems 
The information provided by CGM systems is intended to supplement, not replace, blood glucose information obtained using a home glucose meter. A confirmatory fingerstick is required prior to treatment. Insertion of a glucose sensor may cause bleeding or irritation at the insertion site. Consult a physician immediately if you experience significant pain or if you suspect that the site is infected.   For more information, please visit: MedtronicDiabetes.com/ISI.


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Submitted by Sharon Thorsen (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

Cannula keeps bending after insertion. Of course I don’t know it’s bend until I see a bunch of 300 blood sugar tests

Submitted by Nicole (not verified) on

In reply to by Sharon Thorsen (not verified)

Sharon, have you been able to troubleshoot with a member of our 24-Hour Technical Support team? They'd like to help and explore your options with you. Please give our team a call at 800.646.4633 option #1.

Submitted by Karen Rogerson (not verified) on

In reply to by Sharon Thorsen (not verified)

I agree! And there is no message that the insulin flow is blocked. I have found that if it occurs with one cannula out of a box, then 80% of that entire box will do that same thing for me, almost like its a bad production lot.

Submitted by Louis (not verified) on

In reply to by Sharon Thorsen (not verified)

I faced the same issue 2 years back with the Sihouette canula. The plastic was bending due to movement and pressure from the muscles. The ideal fix would be for Medtronics to have a type of canula with more than one hole for ensuring insulin distribution no matter what.

The only way I have been able to fix this issue in working with the Medtronis supprt nurse is by switching to a sure-T infusion set which has a straight insertion and is in metal so it never bends. the placement is however trickier so that it does not hit a muscle but at least the canula never gets damaged internally.

This is an area of research that would make huge differences.

Submitted by Reba (not verified) on

In reply to by Louis (not verified)

I rarely go to the beach because I don't know what to do with my pump. We usually get a place right on the beach so I simply leave it in the room and run in from time to time to check on things. However, this year, the condo we rented is about a mile away from the beach so that doesn't seem like a solution. Add to this the fact that I just got the CGM. and would like to keep it nearby. Also, when I'm at the pool at the gym, is there a way I can keep the CGM within ear shot while I'm swimming?

Submitted by Lisa Lollar (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

I have a new pump, mini med 670G, it need a clip that rotates on your body.. For sleeping, exercising.. You wake up with a indentation on your body or a bruise from it...LL

Submitted by Nicole (not verified) on

In reply to by Lisa Lollar (not verified)

Sorry to hear that, Lisa. Have you checked out our other accessories that may work better for you? If not, you can explore your options here: http://bit.ly/1OwQzAO

Submitted by Deborah (not verified) on

In reply to by Lisa Lollar (not verified)

I wear an old leather belt around my waist very loosely. That way, when I turn over it spins around me. I also have used a spandex money belt. It holds it in place with no marks or bruises.

Submitted by Steven Rubenstein (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

I was having the same problem, so I went to the sure T. Now I don’t have that problem anymore. Sometimes absorption isn’t good, but that’s about it. Unless I eat bad for the evening that is.

Submitted by Wayne Curtis (not verified) on

In reply to by Steven Rubenstein (not verified)

The 670G has the most advanced technology on the market. The programming, ease of use, is the worst !

Submitted by Lalit Chaloo (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

Hi Naomi,

All the insertions leave a mark on my skin and they never seem to go away. Please advise what can I do to lighten these marks.

Both the infusion set and sensor leave a mark.


Submitted by Nicole (not verified) on

In reply to by Lalit Chaloo (not verified)

Hi there, Lalit. This is a good conversation to have with your healthcare provider. They can make the best recommendations and suggestions based on your individual needs.

My clip keeps breaking and im forcced to wear clothes with pockets !? Pretty annoying ! Does medtronic have any suggestions ? Besides me a customer paying monry for a clip every month? Mini Med 670 G

I'm sorry to hear about your belt clip, Dolores. Our 24-Hour Technical Support team may have suggestions that can help and can also provide a complimentary replacement. Please give them a call at your convenience at 800.646.4633, option 1.

Submitted by Michael Askin (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

Thanks for the article, I have lost several sensors due to this issue of high humidity and sweat. And since they are limited supplies had to go without for several days to a week.

Submitted by Nicole (not verified) on

In reply to by Michael Askin (not verified)

Michael, I'm sorry to hear about your sensors, but glad you found the article helpful. Have you spoken with our 24-Hour Technical Support team about your concerns? They can discuss taping techniques and if applicable, send you a courtesy replacement sensor. Feel free to give them a call at your convenience at 800.646.4633, option 1.

Submitted by Kathy Kluckman (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

I am having a problem with my meter syncing with my pump. How can I fix that?

Submitted by Nicole (not verified) on

In reply to by Kathy Kluckman (not verified)

I'm sorry to hear this, Kathy. Our technical support team can help with this. Please give them a call at your convenience at 800.646.4633, option 1.

Submitted by Roger Clark (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

In the summer I sweat a lot. So I stick to my infusion site’s at my rump and thigh.

Submitted by Jerome Smith (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

I have been a type 1 diabetic for 47 years over the past 10 years or so I have used Medtronic. Only twice have I had a problem with lose of flow once I nicked the tube with a seatbelt and once I didn’t realize that my insertion had come lose. I am an extremely active person but I am always aware that I have extra parts that may need attention. Yes my CGM and my insertion site have come off I was swimming in Crystal Lake and lost my sensor a few years ago but before I was out of the water I knew it was gone. My whole family spent hours combining the bottom of the lake where I was swimming but came up empty. The point of this is we must must be aware of our devices all of the time. These sensors and cannulas keep us going as any other human and if you want to live a normal life pay attention. I pay attention and have more fun then the average person
Loving Life

Submitted by Carol Torpey (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

All I see are solutions that we must pay for - Skin Tac, ST Removal Wipes…. & they still don’t always work (high humidity… If these things are needed to use Medtronic products, they should be provided by Medtronic or insurance. Been on golf driving range several times to look down & see my sensor/transmitter on the ground even with extra tape & adhesives. Quik set come loose halfway through round even with extra tape/adhesives…. Then there are all the unnecessary BG readings called for during night even when BG readings have been in line. Turned that notification off for BG readings so after I have calibrated 10 pmish before bed it wakes me up at 6:30 for BG or leave auto mode. Or I calibrate @ some time when told to do so (not the time per instructions). I calibrate & 10 min later it wants a BG. Didn’t I just give it one with the calibration?!!! Recently got email to review 770 system. I deleted it. This is my review of it now. it’s better than dealing with injections from long term & fast acting insulin. ( I may expect too much. I have a disease. This is just a tool. Not a cure, but doesn’t live up to hype when I got it)And I feel lost when waiting for new sensor to calibrate. And that takes at least a day to get in line. An extra charged transmitter already charged would help. But that would still not solve the above problems. The system seems to work best when you are being the diabetes poster child, but has problems handling variances. But also struggles with the norm.

I do a lot of swimming and yard work I take it the pump doesn't stay on very well.

Submitted by Loretta Levas-Taylor (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

I frequently hit veins/capillaries when I insert new sensors, esp in warm summer months. I’ve tried icing the site prior, as well as changing sites to thigh or hip. Any thoughts on how to be more successful?

Submitted by Kathleen Rosson (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

I’m a 73 year old type 1 diabetic. I’m also very active. Went paddle boarding at Mount Hood National Forest last week and I swim in the ocean on a weekly basis. I simply clip my portal for insulin and leave the pump with my belongings. My CGM stays dry because I use “Skin Grip” patches sold on Amazon. I ski in the winter and during these times I do stop my Basal Insulin so my glucose doesn’t drop.
Your pump is part of you and yes, the CGM is a pain in the bum, but it all works and it is keeping us alive. Since I started the Medtronic’s CGM, my A1C dropped from 8.6 to 7.3. We just have to use our common sense and enjoy life. I’ve lost 4 family members to Type 1 Diabetes and I’m not going to be the 5th.

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