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Collaborating with Fitbit to Innovate and Help the Lives of People with Diabetes

As we continue our journey to become a holistic diabetes management company, our vision is to transform diabetes care together, for greater freedom and better health. Along this journey, we’re looking at many new and different ways to help people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
Our newest example of this is an exciting collaboration with Fitbit to integrate health and activity data into our iPro2 continuous glucose monitor. We approached this integration first by thinking about behavioral design. Most of us humans need two important steps to make a positive change in our lives. First we must be aware of a situation. Second, we must have simple access to tools/information to help us make a change. So in order to help you, we want to make you aware of important information like your glucose levels and activity levels. But we know we also give you simple access to tools that help you understand that information and see how they’re connected. By bringing these insights together, we hope to be able to encourage good healthy behaviors, maybe even opening up a brand new horizon in your diabetes management. We’ve been listening to the diabetes community and we know that this is incredibly important to you.

Our Goal
As you know all too well, tracking your glucose levels is critical to effectively manage your diabetes, whether you live with type 1 or type 2. By bringing together CGM information from our iPro2 professional CGM and Health and Activity fitness data from Fitbit – the leader in the connected health and fitness market – our goal is to make managing your diabetes a little simpler. And using the activity data captured by Fitbit’s wearable technology devices, provide actionable insights that paint a more meaningful picture of how exercise may impact your BG levels. An example of these insights is learning that taking more steps makes your BG more stable, or running drops your BG. Both activities are exercise but to feel your best you may need to manage them differently.

How It Works
In November, we introduced you to our iPro2 Professional CGM, a small, lightweight device that is worn for up to six days in partnership with your healthcare team.  And in December, we announced a partnership with Fitbit to integrate health and activity data into new CGM solutions for simplified type 2 diabetes management. This was a first and important step to this new partnership with Fitbit. Right now, the integration is specific to professional CGM.

New iPro2 myLog App and Fitbit

Fitbit integration now takes place with three important pieces.
1. Wear your Fitbit like you normally would and take a few simple steps to sync your account with the new myLog app.
2. Wear an iPro2 CGM device as prescribed by your doctor. At the end of the diagnostic period, you will get a personalized report that shows you how your daily activities and medications impact your glucose levels. This can be used for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes but isn’t the same as personal CGM where it’s worn all of the time.
3. Utilize our new myLog mobile app, which integrates with the Fitbit activity tracker, and sends data to the iPro2 reports you will review with your doctor. This eliminates the need to track and enter exercise data manually.

By now having Fitbit data integrated, you’ll be able to uncover new insights about glucose control unlike ever before. We believe this will be a way to simplify your life and further encourage healthy habits so you can live a full life.

To see how an iPro2 CGM evaluation could help you learn more about your diabetes, talk to your doctor today. You can also find more information here.

Important Safety Information
The iPro2 digital recorder is intended to continuously record interstitial glucose levels in persons with diabetes mellitus. This information is intended to supplement, not replace, blood glucose information obtained using standard home glucose monitoring devices. The information collected by the iPro2 digital recorder may be uploaded to a computer (with Internet access) and reviewed by healthcare professionals. The information may allow identification of patterns of glucose-level excursions above and below a desired range, facilitating therapy adjustments, which may minimize these excursions.
The iPro2 system is intended for prescription use only.
Does not allow data to me made available directly to patients in real time
Provides data that will be available for review by physicians after the recording interval (up to72 hours for Sof-sensor glucose sensor; 144 hours for Enlite sensor)
Is intended for occasional rather than everyday use.
Is to be only used as a supplement to, not a replacement for, standard invasive measurement
See Instructions for Use (IFU) for additional details.

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