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Selecting the Best Infusion Set Site

Infusion Site Locations

Locations for Inserting Infusion Sets

Shown here are the best body areas (shaded) for infusion set insertion.

Note: Work with your healthcare provider to determine the sites that will work best for you.

Infusion Set Insertion Site Guidelines

Avoid inserting the infusion set:

  • Into the 2-inch (5.0 cm) area around your belly button
  • Where your body naturally bends a great deal
  • In areas where clothing might cause irritation (for example your beltline)
  • Where you have scarred or hardened tissue or stretch marks

Your infusion sites should be at least:

  • 2 inches (5.0 cm) away from your sensor site
  • 2 inches (5.0 cm) away from your belly button
  • 3 inches (7.5 cm) away from the previous site

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