Setting the Pace of Innovation

Setting the Pace of Innovation | Between the Lines, Medtronic Diabetes

Our industry is changing and evolving at an unprecedented rate, which is why it is important for us to set the pace of innovation across several areas.

Disruptive Innovation for Type 1 Diabetes

Recently, we shared pivotal trial results for the first hybrid closed loop system. I am extremely excited to announce today that we and have moved one step closer to commercializing the therapy by filing our premarket approval (PMA) submission with the FDA. I am incredibly proud of the years of hard work our teams across the business have contributed to achieving this milestone. If approved, the system will be the world’s first hybrid closed loop system.

Data and Applications

Diabetes is a data-driven disease, and our portfolio increasingly includes solutions that leverage this data to provide people with diabetes with insights they can use to better manage their disease. Our cognitive app with IBM Watson Health will serve as a personal assistant for people with diabetes by uncovering important patterns and trends using a retrospective analysis of people with diabetes’ insulin, continuous glucose monitors (CGM), and nutritional data to help people understand how their behavior affects their glucose level in real time. The app is now in final development stages, and we expect to release the full version this summer.

We recently also announced a new partnership with Nutrino, whose app provides an individualized picture of how daily food intake and other physical behaviors – including sleep and activity levels – impact glucose levels. The app seamlessly imports CGM information from the MiniMed Connect.

In addition, we recently announced that Glooko – a unified platform for diabetes management – is now compatible with Medtronic insulin pumps and sensors, giving people with diabetes expanded options for displaying and using their data for daily diabetes management.

We also announced our next-generation CareLink Pro reports – which will launch this summer – will help optimize basal and bolus pump settings, and that these features will now be available on the consumer version of the software as well. This will help make diabetes care more collaborative by giving people with diabetes access to the same reports that their providers see.

CGM Will Transform Type 2 Diabetes Care

There is intensifying discussion around how time-in-range is as equally of an important metric as A1C in assessing the success of diabetes treatment, and this focus will continue to drive CGM adoption. Our CGM devices – including iPro2 Professional CGM – can measure the frequency and severity of hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, and time-in-range.

Pattern Snapshot, the one-page report that helps healthcare providers quickly interpret CGM data to provide more personalized – and therefore better – therapy is just one of the solutions we have introduced that will help transform diabetes care for people with type 2 diabetes. I’m also pleased to see that there is a growing body of clinical evidence that supports the widespread use – and reimbursement – of CGM for people with type 2 diabetes, including those on multiple daily injections.

We believe we are uniquely positioned to transform the future of diabetes care and we will continue to leverage our breadth and scale to create solutions that optimize clinical outcomes and enhance the quality of life for people with diabetes while reducing overall costs to the healthcare system.

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