New Collaboration for the Next Generation of Professional CGM

New Collaboration for the Next Generation of Professional CGM | Between the Lines, Medtronic Diabetes

I am very excited to share with you that we are collaborating with Qualcomm Life to develop future-generation continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems for people with type 2 diabetes. This collaboration – with an expert in developing reference designs for wireless, single-use and small integrated modules – enables us to create more affordable, easier-to-use professional CGM systems that features a smaller, easier-to-use sensor that provides both near real-time and retrospective glucose data.

We can fundamentally change how type 2 diabetes is managed through CGM innovation, and the initial focus of this collaboration will be to develop a single-use CGM system designed for broader use by general practitioners, who manage care for the vast majority of the 400 million people with type 2 diabetes worldwide. Medtronic’s focus will be to design comprehensive CGM solutions that not only measure glucose, but enable the delivery of actionable insights to both patients and providers – a critical element of an integrated care model. Our solutions go beyond delivering data to provide automated observations and clinical decision support to help create a personalized care plan.

As we continue to transform into a holistic diabetes management company, our strategy is to provide solutions that improve care and health outcomes, including lowering the overall cost of care. This global, multi-year collaboration will help us learn more about how our advanced technology can be applied to improve outcomes and reduce costs, and what we learn through this collaboration will help shape how we optimize value for both patients and providers.

Our vision to transform diabetes care means that we are bringing together an entire ecosystem of collaborators – including Qualcomm Life and IBM Watson – to solve the challenges of diabetes management. Affordable. Small. Consumer-friendly. This is our next generation of professional CGM systems.

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