COVID-19 update: At this time there are no interruptions in our ability to manufacture and supply product. Our clinical team has instituted virtual video trainings for new pump and CGM customers to ensure continuity of service. Please click here for more information. X

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“My little girl is my whole world, so when she was diagnosed with diabetes I was overwhelmed. There was so much to remember and keep track of. 24-Hour Technical Support was more like a lifeline for me in those first few months, and whenever I had a question they were right there to answer. And, they still are!”
Alyssa M.
Houston, TX
Jaime C.
“I have diabetes, too, so I know what people are going through when they call us for assistance. It’s a rewarding feeling to be by their side on this journey.”
Jaime C.
24-Hour Technical Support Supervisor



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From your first training session to ongoing support, our global team is always there to help.


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Resources on how to get the most out of your Medtronic products.


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Provides replacement supplies and devices for patients that have limited access.