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What is smart insulin injection therapy?

For people who manage their diabetes with injections, the smart insulin injection system can help relieve the physical and mental effort required, by using an ecosystem of smart-enabled technology devices, to help make your life a bit easier.

The smart insulin injection system includes a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), an injection port, and smart pen products.

If you aren’t ready for or interested in an insulin pump, smart insulin injections offer some of the same advantages while still offering the freedom of daily injections. This therapy also enables easier data sharing with your healthcare provider, which helps you both work together on the best treatment plan for you.

Three powerful tools that can help you stay ahead of diabetes

Connect CGM system

Image of the Guardian™ Connect CGM system showing a sensor and smart phone with app screen

Do high sugar levels have you down?

Get ahead of your highs
The only continuous glucose monitor (CGM) that can predict a high or low up to an hour in advance.*

  • Easy-to-use app
  • Small sensor & transmitter
  • Automated data sharing with your healthcare team

Learn how foods & activities affect your sugars

smart insulin pen

Image of the InPen™ smart insulin pen system showing a smart phone with app screen, bluetooth symbol and blue InPen with the cap off

Did you forget to dose?

The right dose at the right time
Bluetooth®-enabled smart pen that does the math and logs doses for you.

  • Calculates insulin doses
  • Offers dose reminders
  • Delivers half-unit doses
  • Monitors insulin temperature

Get personalized dosing recommendations

i-Port Advance
injection port

Image of the i-Port Advance™ injection port

Want to reduce needle pokes?

It takes the shots for you
Deliver your insulin injections without having to puncture your skin for each shot.

  • 1 puncture every 3 days
  • Simple to apply and easy to use

93% reduction in needle pokes**

Image of Medtronic Smart MDI products - Guardian™ Connect, InPen and i-Port Advance™ injection port

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