The new Diabetes.Shop makes it easier to order and track your diabetes supplies

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We’re excited to announce the launch of the all-new Diabetes.Shop, a mobile-friendly website that makes managing your diabetes supplies with Medtronic easy and personalized. 

You spoke, and we listened. Our team spent months collecting customer feedback to re-envision the Diabetes.Shop experience – to give you clarity and peace of mind when ordering and tracking your supply orders. Here’s a highlight of some of the improved features you’ll find.

  • Scheduled Orders: Easily set up, view and personalize your automatic recurring shipments online, including target ship date, frequency and quantity.
  • All-In-One Order Status: Everything you need to know about your supply orders, 24/7. See your order's target ship date, product and quantity details, progress, and any actions needed from you.
  • Target Ship Date: Plan ahead with a target ship date based on your last shipment date and product quantity, as well as specific insurance guidelines.
  • Personalized Updates: Easily track your order progress where you want, through emails, texts, or online on the new Diabetes.Shop. (Make sure your communication preferences are set up so you can let us know how you want to hear from us!)
  • Virtual Medtronic Advocate Team: We have your back! From start to finish, know how we are working with your doctor’s office and health insurance to complete your order. If we need more info, we'll ask. No need to call.

Here’s what a few early access volunteers have said about the new Diabetes.Shop experience: 

“The site has a clean feel. My order information is organized all on the home screen for quick access. It is very user-friendly.” 

“I like the automatic reordering [Scheduled Orders] because I don’t have to think about it.” 

We’d love to hear your feedback! Give the improved website a try at and let us know what you think by emailing


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Submitted by Chris (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

amazing blog.. thanks for sharing

Submitted by Judy (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

You need to lower the prices of these products!!!!
That would make reordering much more enjoyable!!!!

Submitted by Nicole (not verified) on

In reply to by Judy (not verified)

We appreciate the feedback, Judy. While research and development along with world-class service and support impact the cost of medical technology, we work very hard to ensure access to our therapies and keep costs within industry standards. Please know, we never want finances to prevent our customers from accessing supplies and have created programs that may help with out of pocket costs. To learn more, please give our team a call at 800.646.4633, option 4.

Submitted by Melba Serra (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

This company 'policies' doesn't help Indiana Medicaid Recipients. They should rebilled under de 90 days any supplies provided to patient since Medicaid take their sweet time to process patient applications. Isn't patient fault that the system put them in this situation. You're making patient to be responsible for something that Medicaid is willing to pay.

Submitted by Nicole (not verified) on

In reply to by Melba Serra (not verified)

I'm sorry this has been your experience, Melba. I'll be sure to share your feedback with our team for review. In the meantime, have you spoken with your health plan directly? If your account has been updated, they may be able to reprocess any affected claims.

Submitted by Barbara (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

How does this work with Medicare? Do you accept assignment and bill supplements also.? Are Medicare guidelines fulfilled such as allowing the items to be personally requested and answering questions of how many items are on hand? Do you request the needed clinic notes and orders from my physician?

Submitted by Nicole (not verified) on

In reply to by Barbara (not verified)

Barbara, we do work with Medicare for covered products, based on their guidelines and our team can handle much of the paperwork on your behalf. To learn more, please give our therapy specialists a call at 800.646.4633, option 3.

Wish Medtronic paid attention to clients and not to call center verbatim. Get a problem solver.

I'm sorry you feel this way, Teresa. If there is something we can help you with, please give us a call or email us at

Submitted by Donald Willey (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

This will make ordering easy
Don Willey

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