The 15-15 rule

The 15-15 Rule

If you notice your blood sugar is trending down or you are nearing hypoglycemia, you should eat a quick snack to get back in range. However, it’s important not to overdo it. Eating too much could raise your blood sugar in the wrong direction. According to the CDC, that’s where the 15-15 rule comes in.  

What is the 15-15 Rule?

The 15-15 rule is a process to swiftly treat low blood sugar. Just following these 3 steps.

1. Eat about 15 grams of carbohydrates.

2. Wait 15 minutes to check your blood sugar.

3. Repeat until you’re back in range.


What does 15 grams of carbs look like?

It’s helpful to know you have options when deciding how to treat low blood sugar. Take a look at the portions below and pick out your favorites. Remember how much you need to eat to get 15 grams of carbs, and you’ll always have a snack for the 15-15 rule.

 15-15 rule infographic  

Did some of these snacks stand out to you? If so, make sure you’re well stocked with them in the event of a low to quickly stop hypoglycemia in its tracks with the 15-15 rule.


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Submitted by Dante Murry (not verified) on

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Hello. Does your company accept Humana Gold Plus supplement under Medicare? I am interested in the 780 machine.

Submitted by Nicole (not verified) on

In reply to by Dante Murry (not verified)

We'd be happy to look into your coverage, Dante. Please give our therapy specialists a call at 800.646.4633, option 3 to get started.

You did not include glucose tablets, I never leave home without them. They are 15 grams and easier to carry than another food stated above which has to process and converted for absorption which can take longer to treat than tablets or gel. This is handy when I’m not able to eat at that time , in my car, or at my bedside.

Submitted by Sharon (not verified) on

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I find a cup of whole milk, orange juice or six Skettles treats my lows fast.

Submitted by Mark O'Hara (not verified) on

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what if your blood is dropping FAST---I wear a CGM and some times it drops LOL---I don't 15 -15 is good for everyone --- I think that I would have been dead 40 yrs ago ( just saying )

Submitted by Peter Stallworth (not verified) on

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your 15-15 used to prevent hypoglycemia says that 1 cup of almond milk would be a good way to prevent such an episode . Almond milk comes in an unsweetened no-carb version as well. In my opinion this should be pointed out to all diabetics

I use Hi-C juice boxes! They're okay if they freeze. Have them in my car, in my purse and when I worked in my desk drawers. They seem to absorb quicker than any candy. 17 carbs per juice box.

Submitted by Tom Hatton (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

In your table you list Ice Tea under fluids. It should be noted sweet tea, and not unsweetened ice tea. Unsweetened ice tea won't help much.

Thanks for the feedback, Tom! We'll share this with our team to provide more clarity.

Submitted by Anne Banks (not verified) on

In reply to by Commenter (not verified)

My husband accused me of bungling. When I talk to him again I’ll have him read this. Actually he’s a great husband that cares. We’ve been married 45 years and I’ve had Type 1 diabetes for 55 years.

Glad that you have someone in your corner, Anne!

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