Pump tip: Helpful resources for your child's school nurse

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Have a child or teen with diabetes going back to school? Even after the meetings with teachers and nurses, diabetes, insulin pumps and glucose monitors can be overwhelming. This is understandable, of course. We all know that the diabetes crash course can leave one’s head spinning. And school nurses have to so many kids with different health needs under their care throughout the academic year. 

To help our these hardworking nurses, download this Reference Guide For School Nurses. The guide includes operations instructions for Medtronic insulin pumps, as well as information on diabetes basics. This guide can help nurses educate themselves on daily diabetes management as well as what to do in case of a hypo/hyper event. 

With the right preparation, both you and the school caregivers can feel more at ease about the school year. Make it a great one!


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Mucho agradecere si me puede informar alguna direccion de hospital,sanatorio o clinica donde se pueda operar por problemas de diabetes. muchas gracias

[…] Pump Tip: Helpful Resources for Your Child’s School Nurse – Karrie Hawbaker is the public relations manager for the diabetes business unit of Medtronic. She joined Medtronic in January 2011, after a decade of experience working for health, science and … […]

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Is there updated ones for 640G and 670g (australia)

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Hi Melanie. We're the US team, and your local team will have the best information about available products and they are happy to help. Please give your local team a call at (+61) 2 9857 9000

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