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There is something magical about this time of year that always makes me look forward to the holidays. I’m not sure if it’s all the festivities, the excitement to see friends and family or maybe even just the time off work, but there is something I absolutely love. But, I’ll be the first to admit, with all the fantastic things taking place, there is also a little bit of stress that comes from being pulled from my daily routine. If you have diabetes like my husband, the travel, food and unexpected elements of holiday celebrations means an extra layer to think about. 

To help us tackle the holidays while living with diabetes, we’ve asked a few of our Ambassadors for their favorite seasonal tips. Hope they come in handy this holiday season for you.

 a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Rob – “Holiday travel can be super up in the air and since winter often brings weather delays or cancellations, try to bring an extra infusion set, reservoir and insulin vial. Better safe than sorry, and if you don’t use it, it’s already ready to go when you’re back home.”       

Margaret – “Choose high carb foods carefully. During the holidays, I enjoy sweets but in moderation. I make my own peanut brittle with coconut sugar instead of cane sugar.”     

Jill – “Check more, even with CGM and don’t let that stop you from all the foods you love. The square wave bolus allows you to enjoy food while slowly releasing the total bolus over time. This is especially helpful at holiday parties where people tend to graze and the long course formal meals.”   

Mary – “Check your glucose more often and keep an eye on your pump and CGM. I use dual wave bolus and pack snacks, extra insulin pump supplies and syringes when I travel.”    

 Justina – “It helps when I am the cook! I know exact carb counts and I can secretly change recipes to healthier options without my family even knowing. It also helps when I set what time we eat.”     

Louise – “When flying pack two times more pump supplies than what you think you’ll need. Also bring your own snacks and lunch for the travel day to help with having too many carbs. “     

Kurt – “#1 – Moderation, regardless of your [food] choice. #2 – Check your BG a lot, even with CGM. #3 – See #1!”      

 Debi – “Moderation is key. Test don’t guess. Lots of love and laughter. Be careful and have fun.”       

Dede – “Go on daily walks and encourage your family members to join you.”

Moderation and testing are common themes among our Ambassadors for ensuring your holidays are fun and festive. Since everyone has different needs, only you can be sure of the best way to make your family gatherings and travel plans more enjoyable. What are some of your tips to enjoy your holiday while managing diabetes?  


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