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Awards Season, Diabetes-Style

Awards Season, Diabetes-Style | The LOOP Blog

It’s been an exciting award season for film and music but we believe that the diabetes community has important categories to recognize, too! So we recently asked our community to vote for their favorites in a variety of categories and here are the big winners.

  • Best Supporting Character: Your Online Crew aka the Online Diabetes Community (We thought this might win…the DOC is the best!)
  • Best Mobile Character of the Health Nut or Sweaty Variety: CalorieKingAwards Season, Diabetes-Style | The LOOP Blog
  • Best BG Scribe Direction: The Matrix aka CareLink
  • Most Biting Character (aka Best Snack) in Low Carb Category: The Serious Business aka Meat and Cheese
  • Best Supporting Snack Style: Sporty aka Juice/Sports Drink (Honorable mention to “Sweet aka Candy” which came in a very close second!)5 Ways To Treat Low Blood Sugar | The LOOP Blog
  • Best Picture in a Diabetes Comedy or Musical: All About That CureAwards Season, Diabetes-Style | The LOOP Blog
  • Best Original Pump Feature: Bolus Wizard® CalculatorAwards Season, Diabetes-Style | The LOOP Blog
  • Best Supporting CGM Feature: Trend ArrowsAwards Season, Diabetes-Style | The LOOP Blog
  • Best Pump Costume Design (Accessory): Silicone SkinAwards Season, Diabetes-Style | The LOOP Blog

(This one was a landslide win!)

To see all of the categories, visit our survey. (Just keep in mind that votes will no longer be counted.) Thanks for voting and taking part in our award season, diabetes-style!

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