Using the Bolus Wizard feature in Manual Mode

Device: MiniMed 780G insulin pump

Make sure you use your blood glucose (BG) meter to check your BG prior to delivering a correction or food and correction bolus. Do not enter a sensor glucose (SG) value in place of a BG meter reading. If you’re not using a compatible Accu-chek® Guide Link Meter, you can enter the BG reading manually on the Bolus Wizard screen.

Please note that the bolus amounts shown below are for illustration purposes only. Your bolus amounts will be different.

To deliver a normal bolus:

  1. From the Home screen, press Menu select and then select Menu Basl/Bolus.

  2. Select Bolus > Bolus Wizard.
    The Bolus Wizard screen appears.

    Bolus wizard screen

    Note: The Bolus Wizard screen shows the most recent BG reading, if available. The BG will appear as dashes when no BG is available. A BG reading can be entered on the Bolus Wizard screen by selecting BG.

  3. Select Carbs and use the Up arrow to enter the carb count for the meal, then press Select. For a correction bolus where no food was eaten, leave the carbs value at 0. The calculated bolus appears in the bolus field.

    Bolus wizard screen

  4. If a change to the bolus amount is needed, select Bolus and modify the bolus amount.

    Bolus wizard screen

  5. Select Deliver Bolus to start the bolus.

    Note: The pump beeps or vibrates and a message appears when the bolus starts. The Home screen shows the bolus amount as it is being delivered. The pump beeps or vibrates when bolus delivery is complete.

Here's a tip: you can also access the Bolus Wizard screen by pressing the down arrow from the Home screen.

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