SmartGuard bolus

Device: MiniMed 780G insulin pump

When in SmartGuard technology, a current blood glucose (BG) or sensor glucose (SG) reading is used to determine the bolus amount. A carb amount can also be entered for a food bolus. The SmartGuard bolus feature then calculates the bolus amount needed to cover the meal, the correction, or both.

If the BG or SG is under 120 mg/dL, or if the bolus recommended is zero after the pump accounts for active insulin, or if the SmartGuard feature estimates that the current basal insulin delivery is enough, no correction is recommended.

Please note: A paired Accu-chek® Guide Link meter sends BG readings directly to the pump. If an Accu-chek® Guide Link meter is not used to check a BG, the BG value must be manually entered in the SmartGuard bolus screen.

To deliver a bolus with the SmartGuard feature:

  1. From the Home screen, press Menu select and select Menu bottle.
  2. Select Bolus.

  3. Enter your Carb amount, in grams. The screen indicates the amount of the calculated bolus.

    Select Bolus screen

  4. Select Deliver Bolus.

    A screen appears briefly to indicate the bolus delivery has started. Then, the Home screen* appears and shows the progress of the bolus delivery.

    Select Bolus screen

    Here's a tip: You can also access the Bolus screen by pressing the down arrow from the Home screen.

    *This is the SmarGuard feature Home screen with Guardian 4 sensor. If using the Guardian Sensor 3, your Home screen may look slightly different.

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