Setting up the CareLink Connect app

Device: MiniMed 780G insulin pump

The CareLink Connect app is a mobile application that works with the CareLink software. Through the CareLink Connect app, up to 5 care partners can see information sent from the patient’s connected insulin pump system and be notified of selected alerts.

If you’re reading this, chances are you are a care partner for someone living with diabetes who is using the MiniMed 780G system with the MiniMed Mobile app. If that sounds right, continue reading below for step-by-step instructions to set up the CareLink Connect app.

Getting Started
Before you begin, you will need to set up a Care Partner account through the CareLink Connect app or the CareLink Personal website. A Care Partner account is different from the CareLink Personal patient account.

The person you are planning to follow will need to have a CareLink Personal account set up, as well as make sure their MiniMed 780G system is connected to CareLink software through the MiniMed Mobile app.

You will need to know the CareLink Personal account username of the person you are planning to follow.

Both the MiniMed Mobile and CareLink Connect apps need Wi-Fi/mobile data connection for notifications to be received.

Download the app
Download the CareLink Connect app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store on the supported mobile device.

CareLink Connect app

Startup Wizard

  1. Open the CareLink Connect app and follow the instructions on the screen. View information screens about the app and tap Next to continue.

    CareLink Connect app information screens

  2. Read the warning on the next screen to be sure you use the app as intended. Tap Get Started.

    CareLink Connect app warning screen

  3. Next, you will be asked to set the screen lock, if it isn’t already turned on. Tap Set Up Screen Lock to set this up on your device. Tap Next to continue.

    CareLink Connect app lock screen

  4. At the top of the next screen, select the country you reside in from the drop-down menu. To follow a MiniMed Mobile user, you must reside in the same country. You cannot follow users from different countries.

    CareLink Connect app country select screen

    A Care Partner account needs to be created before you can move forward. This is different than the Patient account

  5. If you already created a Care Partner account on the CareLink Personal website, skip to Step 7. If not, tap on Create New Account to set up a new CareLink Personal account for yourself.

    CareLink Connect app create new account screen

  6. Tap Sign Up and follow the steps provided to create a Care Partner CareLink Personal account. Tap Continue when completed.

    CareLink Connect app sign up screen

  7. Tap Proceed to Login and log into your Care Partner CareLink Personal account.

    CareLink Connect app proceed to login screen

    The next couple of screens will go over warnings and notification information. Read and Agree to the terms and conditions and ensure phone settings are set appropriately.

  8. Read the warning and tap Next to continue.

    CareLink Connect app warning screen

  9. The next screen goes over notifications and how they are displayed. Having “Do Not Disturb” on or having the phone on Mute or Vibrate can prevent you from hearing notifications. Tap Next to continue.

    CareLink Connect app notifications screen

    Now you will request to follow a patient. Following a patient allows you to receive notifications and view device data for that individual. You will need to know the CareLink Personal account username of the person you are planning to follow.

  10. Tap on Request to Follow.

    CareLink Connect app request to follow screen

  11. Enter in the username of the CareLink Personal patient account you want to follow. Tap Send Request.

    CareLink Connect app send request to follow screen

  12. Tap OK.

    CareLink Connect app request to follow confirmation screen

    Your request will be sent to the patient. The patient has 24 hours to accept the request. The request must be accepted before any data can be viewed. If 24hrs expire, a new request must be sent from the CareLink Connect app.

    After a follow request is sent, contact the patient personally or through the Send Reminder feature within the CareLink Connect app to ensure they accept the request.

  13. Tap Send Reminder to send a text or email to the person you requested to follow.

    CareLink Connect app send reminder screen

To accept the request to follow on the MiniMed Mobile App, the patient will need to:

  1. Tap CareLink Connect app menu icon to open the menu.
  2. Tap on Sync to CareLink

    CareLink Connect app sync to CareLink screen

  3. Tap on Manage Care Partners followed by Continue. This will open a new browser in CareLink Personal.

    CareLink Connect app sync to CareLink screen

  4. Once your request is accepted, the following notification will appear. If Later is selected, you may not receive all notifications until Notification Settings setup is completed.

    CareLink Connect app request accepted screen

Once a patient accepts the request, you will need to manage your notification settings and choose which alert options you would like to receive. Each linked user can be set differently as needed. There is currently no way to apply the same settings to all linked users at the same time, each one must be manually set up.

If a selected alert is not set in the connected insulin pump, a notification will not be sent.

To setup notifications on the CareLink Connect App:

  1. Select the profile of the MiniMed Mobile User whom you wish to set up notifications for.

    CareLink Connect app profile screen

    You will see a notification that looks like this when entering the profile name for the first time.

    CareLink Connect app notification settings screen

    If you select “Skip For Now” tapping CareLink Connect app settings icon on the bottom right of the data screen (within the profile selected) will also allow you to edit notification settings.

    CareLink Connect app data screen

  2. Tap each category to display the specific alerts you wish to receive. Tap Save when finished.

    CareLink Connect app data screen

    Settings on the mobile device and in the CareLink Connect app will affect the notifications received. This icon CareLink Connect app bell icon may appear if certain notifications are turned off on the compatible mobile device or in the CareLink Connect app settings.

  3. Tap Follow another person to add up to 5 MiniMed Mobile app users to your account. Each link will require notifications are set up.

    CareLink Connect app follow another person screen

    Note: If you wish to receive SMS notifications you can specify telephone numbers and notification settings by using the CareLink Personal website at

    Tip: For an improved experience, automatic updates to mobile operating systems should be deactivated – if one becomes available, check your local website to see if it is supported before installing.

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