Returning to SmartGuard feature

Device: MiniMed™ 780G insulin pump

The SmartGuard feature may stop functioning under the following conditions:

  • The SmartGuard feature is turned off.

  • The pump is delivering basal insulin based on insulin delivery history, and not SG readings, for four hours. See staying in the SmartGuard feature for more information.

  • All insulin delivery has been manually suspended and has not resumed for four hours.

  • The Sensor feature is turned off or the transmitter is disconnected.

Returning to the SmartGuard feature after an exit:

The pump indicates any required actions on the Home screen after an exit from the SmartGuard feature. In the example below, a BG entry is needed. Once the BG is entered, the pump resumes using the SmartGuard feature.

Return to SmartGuard screen

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