Pairing the meter

Device: MiniMed 780G insulin pump and Accu-Chek® Guide Link meter

The MiniMed 780G insulin pump can only pair with an Accu-Chek® Guide Link meter to receive remote blood glucose (BG) readings. You can set up your insulin pump to automatically receive BG readings, which can be used with the Bolus Wizard feature and the SmartGuard bolus feature. If the Accu-Chek™* Guide Link meter is not paired with the pump, you can enter BG readings manually.

The pump beeps, vibrates, or beeps and vibrates at the same time when the pump receives a BG reading. Confirm the BG reading and deliver a bolus, if necessary. If a BG reading is not confirmed within 12 minutes, the BG will not be stored.

To pair your meter with the pump:

  1. Press the OK button on the meter to turn it on.
  2. Select Settings.

    settings screen

  3. Select Wireless.

    Select wireless screen

  4. Select Yes if the confirmation screen appears on the meter screen.

    Pair to pump screen

    The serial number of the meter appears on the meter screen. The meter is now ready to pair with the pump.
    Put the meter down and pick up your pump.
    Or, select Pairing if the confirmation screen does not appear.
  5. From your pump's Home Screen, press Menu select , then select Pair device .
  6. Select Paired Devices.

    Paired devices screen

  7. Select Pair New Device, your pump will begin to search.

    Pair new device screen

  8. Select the meter that matches the serial number on the meter screen. If the correct serial number does not appear, select Search Again.

    Select device screen

  9. Ensure the serial numbers shown on the pump and meter screens match, then select Confirm.

  10. If the connection is successful, a “Pairing successful!” message appears on the pump. A “Paired with pump” message with the serial number of the pump appears on the meter screen.

*When calibrating the Guardian Sensor 3

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